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About Dejavato

Dejavato Foundation (DJ) is an organization working for peace, international understanding and solidarity, education, social, and sustainable development for culture and international environment through voluntary service that involves active citizenship from local and international society. Dejavato Foundation organizes short, middle or long term volunteering programs collaborating with international organization partners around the world.

Becoming a leading national and international organization that supports active citizenship through voluntary service.

  1. To promote voluntary service in Indonesia and overseas through education, social and cultural sectors.
  2. To encourage Indonesian people especially young generation to be actively involved in doing voluntary service in Indonesia and overseas.
  3. To promote intercultural understanding, equality, tolerance and world peace.
  4. To develop awareness and responsibility towards social environment.
  5. To promote various and unique Indonesian culture and nature to the international society.
Dejavato Brief History

Dejavato Foundation was established on 15th June 2005. The word Dejavato means “The Island of Java” which is derived from 3 different languages (Dutch, English, and Japanese). On 15th June 2005, for the first time Dejavato organized weekend camp in Karimunjawa Islands with the participants came from high school, university students and expatriate who lived in Semarang. In the end of 2005, Dejavato received 2 volunteers for the first time from Japan and the Netherlands. In December 2006, Dejavato received 51 volunteers from South Korea in 3 bilateral workcamps. Then in March 2007, Dejavato joined the Technical Meeting Alliance in Turkey and officially became the member of CCIVS UNESCO (Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service) and NVDA Asia Pasifik (Network for Voluntary Development in Asia). In Agustus 2008, Dejavato started receiving 2 (two) volunteers of EVS program (European Voluntary Service) from Germany dan Denmark through ICYE Federation. In November 2009 Dejavato officialy became a member of ICYE Federation,so that cooperation among the members of ICYE Federation started.
Dejavato is a member of :

  1. Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) of UNESCO
  2. ICYE Federation (International Cultural Youth Exchange)
  3. Network for Voluntary Development in Asia – Pacific (NVDA)
  4. Official partner of ALLIANCE of European Voluntary Service Organisation

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