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International Workcamp

Voluntary service program conducted by a group of local and international volunteers last for 2-3 weeks to support local community and develop international friendship. During the workcamp, volunteers live and do activities together in a pleasant atmosphere with various projects such as heritage, environment, education, renovation, as well as renovation, depending on local community needs.
Weekend Workcamp

Workcamp held on the weekends, followed by a group of volunteers with minimum age of 12 to do social activities.
Mid Term Volunteer & STePs

MTV and STePs is a volunteer exchange program for individual with duration 4 – 12 weeks. A Volunteer is free to choose the destination country and project.
Long Term Volunteer (LTV)

Volunteer exchange program for individual with duration 5 – 12 months, country destination and project is chosen by the volunteer interest.
Dejavato Student Exchange (StudEx)

StudEx is an exchange program to overseas for Indonesian students with the age between 12 – 18 years old with a purpose of education and cultural exchange for 7 – 15 days. Through this program, students have an opportunity for self-development, self-reliance, interaction with international society, practicing foreign languages and building new friendship.
Host Family

Indonesian family has a chance to be actively involved in Dejavato programs by becoming a host family for our foreign volunteers. Becoming a host family will give an opportunity for intercultural understanding, practicing foreign languages, interaction with foreigners, etc.

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