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My journey in Indonesia

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My journey in Indonesia
I see life as a journey. You are growing and learning from adventures. You make your own path, where you go sometimes left and sometimes right. You meet a lot of different people. There are obstacles and challenges you have to take. Your path will make you how you are.
I want to thank Indonesia and its lovely people I have met for your part in my journey. I am very happy that I had this opportunity. I taught a lot of different children. The small ones of the Playgroup, the brave ones of Kindergarten, the enthusiast ones of Primary school, the teenagers of Junior High, the big ones of Senior High and the most lovely students of therapist. It was wonderful to see the different and the development between the ages!
I like to reach goals. However four weeks are too short to see if the students’ English speaking skill is getting better. So, I let that go and had my focus on making English lesson interesting for the children.
I came with no expectations, at least to mean something for the children as volunteer. My stay was too short for that. But I know now that doing volunteer work aboard perfect is to get to know so much more about a country, their culture, their people and their way of living. If I get the chance to do volunteer work again, I would say YES right away! Those four weeks I fell in love with this country, so I know for sure I will come back again someday!
Julia (The netherland Volunteer in Indonesia)

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