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Germany, here I am

By. Administrator » 10 Dec 2015 16:38:53   
I was accepted to be an Internship Scholarship volunteer in Germany for 1 year, hosted by ICYE Germany (ICJA). Actually, this is my first time to go Europe. So, I had rough days to collect documents for visa applications, I had go and back to Germany Embassy in Jakarta. But everything was paid when I got the Visa to Germany. This is where all begins.
I arrived in Tegel-Berlin Airport on 1 September 2015 at 2 pm. It’s long travel from Jakarta to Berlin more or less 18 hours, after checking documents from immigrations security, then I meet the people from my hosting Organization ICJA who picked me up and also another volunteer. The first impression being here was beautiful places. In this city is clean where many old historical buildings and many people using bicycle anywhere. From the Airport to my training camp is very near, more or less 15 minute by bus. After long travel, finally I arrived in Apartment to begin OSCA or Training camp for 10 days. I stayed in the apartment building with 25 volunteers around the world. All of my pains were relieved when I met warm people in the building. It was beautiful night to end my travel.
After OSCA in Berlin, I have to go to my project in Bremen using train. I will work for one year in Tagunghaus Bredbeck Osterhalz Scharmbeck. I worked with other volunteers from Poland and German. In first day, I met coordinator and the director talked about my tasks there. My main task is to help the House Technik to take care of the park and Ecological in this area. I have to clean the garbage in morning, cutting grass and also helping the technician for Seminar. I am so excited for this work. Also I would like to show my beautiful country Indonesia where there are a lot of wonderful places to visit. Not many of them know where exactly Indonesia is. It is a great opportunity for me to introduce my country and represent my culture.

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