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Indonesia, two projects, two cities

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Indonesia, two projects, two cities.
Before going to Indonesia, I was never really interested in this country. I only knew that it’s a developing country in Asia.
In July, between 8 july and 31 july 2015, I was in Ungaran in a nursing home Panti Wredha to work with old women, to take care of them. In July, I didn’t really discover the Indonesian culture because I stayed only in the nursing home. However I kept only the positive side of this volunteering. Working with old women was a good experience for me.
In August, I was in Pati, a village. I was in an islamic school, MTs Al-Kholifah, and my job was to teach English and French . I lived in host family with a big family, 5 children!
I enjoyed my August’s project with children. They are always excited to see me. It was a pleasure to teach French and to explain my French culture. In Pati, I felt like a star because all students want to take photo with me. They love my nose, my white skin.
Indonesian people love take care about foreigners. They smile always. I would like to say thank you to my host family, every children and every teacher in the school. Thank you to the nursing home. I would like to say thank you at Dejavato to their help.
Now, I can say that : I have indonesian friends.

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