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Wheel we Meet | Hongkong, 18-28 Dec 2015

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Wheel We Meet

Hong Kong, 18 – 28 December 2015
By Della
This is my first time to join international workcamp and it was a great experience I ever had so far. I was participated in “Wheel-Power Winter Workcamp 2015” to promote equal rights and opportunities for all and mutual respect for each other despite differences into the Barrier-Free environment concept. This workcamp was held on 18th – 28th of December 2015 in Pok Fu Lam PHAB Campsite Hong Kong. There were 16 volunteers consisting of 1 Indonesian, 5 Thailand, 1 Korean, 2 Taiwanese, 8 local people which two of them are wheelchair user and the other one from Taiwan were accompanied by her mother during the camp.
There was winter season and the weather was very cold in the night. We had BBQ as welcoming party and also to warm our body. We baked meat, chicken and marshmallow that I like the most, we sang songs together, played game and learned some Cantonese word. It was wonderful time to get closer each other. The mainly work outdoors was carried out accessibility assessment around the city and collect data for people with disabilities living in Hong Kong. We were interviewing tourist and local people in some different place, then input the result into the website.
As the weather got sunny, we had so much fun collaborating with some local to painting the wheelchair, sharing the art of creativity into the paper and dancing together in the slippery floor cause of the paint. Another thing that we did in the workcamp  such as cleaned up the campsite park and played badminton during the free time. We also had Hong Kong city tour which presented by local people. First we went to the historic buildings near the camp that was Bethanie Church and Hong Kong University Hall, those were being oldest buildings which have gothic architectural styles. Then we were heading to Kowloon to see the old city. There were some place we visited and everybody really enjoyed to follow the guide who explained the history about the town. We got a lot of information and knowledge about Hong Kong in the past and how did it transforming into the modern city.
It was “Spending a day in a wheelchair” in which able-bodies individuals were assigned certain disabilities and required to complete task, the theory being that by experiencing life with disability will have a better understanding for the plight of disabled. First of all we were introduced about the function of part of the body manual wheelchair, and how to rolling chairs when we were going to up and down stairs in the safety way. We were pretending to be disable with the wheelchair and going out in the public area to appreciation how hard it is to be disable that pushing a wheelchair is tiring, painful and the strangers were stared at us. In this way we can understand that to be limited is to be human, therefore accessibility is not just a privilege but a fundamental human right.
In the Christmas day we invited local people which most of them are elderly and wheelchair user to celebrate the Christmas Eve. We performed dance, give them present and had dinner together. In the next day we went to Central to doing free hug activities as Hong Kong tradition during the Christmas. It was very interesting and I was happy met some Indonesian there. In the evening there was cooking exchange and I cooked Nasi Goreng as special food from Indonesia. It was great moment that we shared our recipe and finished all as well. On the last activity we participated in the start-up workshop to presentation all about we have done during the camp. There were some participation from other community and also some reporter. I am very pleased to have this opportunity to join this workcamp. I learned new culture and new ways of life which were taught me valuable skill. I will never forget this best moment and those workcampers who made the camp full of happiness. Em Go Sai ! (唔該晒).

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