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Newsletter 2016 | First Edition

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Volunteeringin EVS Project has given me a lot of advantages. I found various new perspectives which broadened my heart and mind. This voluntary project taught me how to develop personal and professional skill significantly. I was keen to pick up plentiful new things and knowledge from everybody and even everything like how the system works. And I have!

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service to others” -Mahatma Gandhi. I couldn't agree more with him. For me being a part of service to others is talking about 'us' not 'me', shaping common sense into a certain interpersonal sensitivity. There is an old saying which I use it to motivate myself, “Volunteers are not paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless”. I am so grateful to be a full time volunteer in Freshwinds, Birmingham. Freshwinds is a charitable organisation supporting people living with life limiting illnesses. The clients are people living with cancer, stroke, mental health, and others. We provide them with complementary therapy and counceling for them. The therapies are such as reiki, homeopathy, accupuncture, massage and some others.
I was so impressed by how the United Kingdom views the voluntary sector as a part of society's need. In UK we call it the Third Sector, it facilitates social activities and volunteering working in NGO (Non Governmental Organisation). I like how the people really appreciate volunteer and make it pivotal. In Indonesia, volunteering is in its progress at the moment, even though many people are still thinking that volunteering is only about disaster and is scary. Having experienced volunteering in Freshwinds and living in UK for 8 months, I would like to change Indonesian people's perspective about volunteering as I believe there are more benefits than the wrong notion and I have done it several times. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and have gained so much.
Here I want to say thank you to Dejavato Foundation, ICYE UK, ICYE IO, all of my colleagues, Freshwinds staff and clients, and everybody in all organisation who is supporting my project. Without you guys, it would have been impossible for me to accomplish this project successfully. Thank you for that positive response and being cooperative.
ThereI learn to work fast and jig jag. I remember my first day that I got a short induction which is like a short building tour. Then I looked around to see how people work and it was the first challenge for me because everything was really fast. They spoke, walked, and worked so fast. Birmingham is a multicultural city indeed, that's why it was not so easy for me to fully understand what people mean. In these 8 months I have learnt how to respect and appreciate differences.  As   every  individual  has   different backgrounds, roles, needs, and ways of thinking, I have to push myself to understand more. My perspective as a volunteer who supported clients was really different from theirs, since their understanding was that they would be supported. By listening more, I tried to put myself in their position so that I could evaluate my own service and understand them more. I learnt it every day not only with clients, but also with colleagues and everybody I met as well.
No words can describe how happy I am to be here. But at least I can say that 'my EVS project is an amazing place to develop personal and professional skills'.
Written by Aji Yogi , EVS Volunteer in the UK

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