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Japanese Teaching Assistant at SMA 15 Semarang

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Japanese Teaching Assistant at SMA 15

Feb 3rd - 25th 2016

By Nozomi
Why did I join this " Japanese teaching Assistant " program ? Because I want to be a Japanese teacher after I graduate from my university. So I want to get some experiences before I become a Japanese teacher. I had never know that how nice Indonesia is. Before I came to Indonesia, of course I was excited to go to Indonesia, but I was worried about going to Indonesia too. But I felt very comfortable to stay in Indonesia. I really like here.
Actually I joined in Japanese classes at SMA 15. I was impressed by students who are studying Japanese. The reasons were that they are very earnest, sincere, positive and active. Then the classes were for 45min × 2 in SMA 15. It's more longer than Japanese high school. I could know how to teach Japanese from those classes.

In life of Indonesia, it was a series of surprises. For example we usually eat dinner at home which is cooked by mother. But here usually eat outside. And it was the mainstream that was bike in Indonesia. Then Indonesian people take a shower twice a day and there is " Angkot " which is like a share car. For the last, I could spend awesome time in Indonesia. I'm sure I will come back to here again. And also I will never forget those memories, friends, teachers, dejavato and host family. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

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