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KB-TK Kristen Terang Bangsa Kindergarten and Playgroup

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KB-TK Kristen Terang Bangsa Kindergarten and Playgroup
8th February – 4th March 2016
By Kinoshita
What I expected and felt fear before starting project became realities. I experienced not only good things, but also bad things. However, I learned a lot of stuffs from all experiences. This paper mainly will talk about my experiences at project site and in daily life.
Firstly, I worked as an assistant teacher in K2 class and introduced some Japanese cultures to kinder gardeners. What I taught is, for example, Kendama, Origami, Japanese songs, calligraphy, Japanese and so on. I feel satisfaction with teaching a lot of things, and these are my achievement. In order to accomplish whatever I wanted, I had to be active and find the way to build good relationship with teachers.
These two were key points for making my project better. To be active means that I never stop to try telling them what I want to do, even if I always had some language difficulties.  Moreover, to try using Indonesian can make us closer. I learned those things and I get along with teachers and did whatever I want for this project. As the resort, children know about Japan, and got interest for Japan. I’m really glad with this achievement.
Secondly, experience from living with host family was worthwhile for me. This was great opportunity to know about Indonesian cultures. Life style is so much different from Japanese, for examples, food, how to take shower, how to go to school, how to go out with someone. Moreover, we were hard to communicate because of language differences and cultural differences. And these differences triggered misunderstanding between them and me sometimes. We got fight at once, but we succeeded to share and understand each other. Fighting was the worst thing in here, however, I learned many things, especially, how to behave properly in Indonesia.  
Finally, I experienced so many new things only for a month and that grow me up. In addition, I’m glad that I could meet a lot of people and appreciate to all of them. I never forget what I experienced in here, and I will apply these experiences in a practical way from now on.

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