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Japanese Teaching Assistant UNSOED Purwokerto

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UNSOED Purwokerto: 3rd – 24th March 2016

by Otani
Through this project, I could learn many things that I cannot in Japan. Before coming to Indonesia, I expected to learn about another culture. However, now I realize that I could learn about not only Indonesia but also Japan from another viewpoint.
Because of cultural differences, everyone seems to behave in a different way, but the core of thinking about other people was not so dissimilar. People in Indonesia are thoughtful to other people as if they have already known to in the first meeting. Actually I was really confused with such a culture, and sometimes they said that I did not have to be shy. Integrated with Indonesian culture in 3 weeks, I could acquire another way of thinking: I can express my feeling more directly for smooth communication and making better relationships which is not superficial one.
I did not imagine how hard teaching Japanese is because I thought I understand Japanese well. Yet, study for native speakers and study for non-native speakers are exactly not the same, so it was really difficult for me to see Japanese as a study of foreign language and to teach students “accurate Japanese” because the language that I speak in Japan, especially in Osaka is different from “accurate Japanese”. Therefore, I recommend volunteers to learn about Japanese in advance for teaching Japanese with certain knowledge.
This program surely effected on my mind, motivation, and life. Also, I could meet a lot of respectable people. Thus, I am proud of participating in this program, and I would like to say “Terima kasih banyak” to everything. 


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