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Japanese Teaching Assistant SD Kebon Dalem 2

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Japanese Teaching Assistant SD Kebon Dalem 2   

7th March-25th March 2016

By Yumiho
The first impression of coming Indonesia is that I feel like a star! When I entered the class room of school, students said “Wa-! Kya-!!” with much applause. When I took a rest at school, many students came to me and said “Please give me your sign!” When I went to some tourist places, someone said me “May I take a picture with you?” I was so glad because I felt Indonesian people welcome me.
After starting my lessons, I really enjoyed every lessons.  1st and 2nd grade students are so energetic. When they found me, They always called me,”Ms.Yumi!!”, and came to me then shook hands. 3rd to 6th grade students are a little shy but when I waved, they also waved with smiles. Their reactions always made me happy.
When I talk with Indonesian, we use English. I thought Indonesian are better speaking English than Japanese. In Indonesia, most of adults can speak English and the elementary school students can catch English by teachers. But In Japan, maybe most of adults cannot speak English. In fact, my parents cannot. Elementary school students cannot read, speak and write English because they are taught English since junior high school. The level of Japanese education is higher than Indonesian, but as for English, I don’t think so. Of course, It relates that Japanese language is very different from English. But I think Indonesian people more need English than Japanese. When I used a computer at school, I noticed the computer soft is English version. I asked my host mother (she is a computer teacher) about it, she said there are not Indonesian version because Indonesian computer engineer do not have the technique of making a soft ware by own language. In short, if people want to use computer, they have to learn English.  Japan is comparatively superior to make something, but in Indonesia, people need to import something so they more often use English than Japanese. Therefore they can do English better. I think Japan is developed country and our live is rich, but occasionally the convenience becomes dangerous.


During spending every day, I felt Indonesian people are often laugh loudly. At school, of course students are cheerful and they often laugh. But I was surprised that teachers also often laugh loudly. When I stayed at teacher’s office, teachers speak each other with laugh. I could not understand their language but I also laughed because the atmosphere made me happy. At home, when my host mother watched TV, she laughed loudly every day. My host father laughed loudly when he played with his son. I didn’t often see the adults laughed loudly in Japan. But Indonesia is filled with many laughs. I love the atmosphere. I thought I want to follow the custom in Japan. Many laugh made us very happy.





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