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Newsletter Dejavato - 2nd Edition

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My Greatest Life Experience in Indonesia



When he went to Meccah, my grandfather told me that indonesian people were the most kindest and respectful people he met there.That is why I choose this country first for my volunteering.
And I wasn't disappointed at all. The whole month, everyone did his best to make me feel at home, and that dedication push me to give them the most I can. I teached english and french in different schools and for different levels but all students wanted to learn more and more each day. They were very curious about my country, about Paris and about what french are famous for [fashion, cooking...]. They were also curious about me, my hobbies, my hometown, my favourite indonesian food... It was very touching.
I tried to use this curiosity and this thirst for learning to make them talk in english/french. I can't say how much happy I was when shy students were speaking in front of the entire class. Students were very actives, and receptives.
My volunteering here was really great also because it wasn't just about teaching, but also about sharing in both ways. I went to swimming pool with students, played football with them and with the local football team, went to central Pati several times with my host family, was invited to teacher's house, climbed Muria mountain... I will remember all those moments for decades.
Java is a beautiful island and Javanese are very proud of their culture. It surprised me because in my country, it's not very common to be proud of France. However, Javanese people can be proud of their culture. I didnt realise how much it was rich before I came. The amazing food [nasi gandul, soto kudus...], Javanese dance, costume, clothes, decorations were stunning. But first of all, Javanese can be proud of themselves.
I might see more smiles in one month here than I saw in a whole year in France. It is very refreshing because those are real smiles. People from Pati were truly happy that I stayed with them, as much as I was. That is the reason why I felt like home here. I thank all people from Pati and Ngepungrojo but most of all, I must thank my host family because they were amazing. They took care of me, treat me as a member of their family and I will never forget that. I also have to thank teachers because they were very helpful, they tried to explain to me how education system works in Indonesia. I think that I would have been useless without their supports.
My volunteering in Pati is for sure one of my greatest life experience.
Salah, french volunteer from SVI



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