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My Ambition for this Project

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My Ambition for this Project
This project in SMP 1 Andong was my frst experience as a volunteer. my role in this high school was to assist English teachers. Mrs Mahmudah, the teacher with whom I exchanged explained me that a lot of students have a lack of motivation in learning English, they sometimes don’t “visualize” the interest thay can get in practicing English. That’s why the school wanted to host a volunteer : in order to create a different way to learn, not common, around different activities aroud English culture and language. So I tried the best as I could to attract them, to make them react and communicate in English. My deepest wish was to open their mind on all the things they will be able to do, to create, to express if they just make little effort to speak English:
  • They can travel, study abroad, become volunteer.
  • Now I can tell that this goal really motivate the students.
  • They can interact with foreigners who visit their country and share and make discover their rich and fabulous culture! (I was a good exemple for this catagory)
  • They can express their feeling, opinions, ideas and be understood bypeople through the entire world.
  • I realy insisted on this aspect with the students. That’s why English is a fantastic tool! The power is ini their hands.
My experience at school
My first impressions were surprise and amazement.
The day of my arrival, students seem so curious and happy for my presence and it totally energized me. At the very beginning I was maybe a bit shy but it didn’t last long, because they all came to me to greet and ask questions. It made me very happy and more confident!
Every day it was obvious that they were making efforts and they really wanted to progress and discuss with me, know me, exchange around our respective cultures.
They invited and offered me every day to be part of their extra and artistic activities... I could tried to play Gamelan Orchestra, to sing traditional songs from Java, play basketball with them, to discuss about their favorite actors of singers. For me it was great to discover their culture so deep.
I also felt a great confidence from English teachers with whom I worked. They guided me and let me make my own choices ... while reassuring me. It was a challenge for me, because it was the first time I gave lessons in English. I actually really appreciate doing it. It was always pleasure.
I honestly spent my whole day smilling and laughing ... Indonesian people are so spontaneous and sincere. That’s what I like the most. I did a lot of new and unexpectable activities with my families and friends: going to Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, doing rafting in Magelang, going to Indrayanti and Parangtritis Beach in Jogjakarta, enjoying a night in Jogja with 3 others volunteers (Julie from France, Salome from Belgium and Sophie from Austria), driving a Jeep to go to Merapi Mountain, trying traditional Javanese wedding clothes, going to a traditional wedding, singing Suwe Ora Jamu and Bengawan Solo with the music teacher, enjoying day visiting Solo ... all these experiences contributed to make me grow up.
I realize now I lived something precious and unique, a human adventure sincere who taught me a lot of things about me, about Indonesia, about the complexity and beauty of Javanese culture, about my limits and my wishes for the future. I had the luck to discover a country from the inside, and to live with a family that I will always keep in my mind and in my heart. I really want to thank all the people who made this project possible: Dejavato foundation, my beloved host family, and the school and all the teachers who received me with their extraordinary kindness.
Written by Ayaan, French volunteer from SJ France

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