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After three months of voluntary work in Indonesia, I can say that I had so many emotions.
At the same time that you discover the culture, you discover about yourself. And at the same time that you adapt with their culture, you also have to adopt to the part of yourself you discover.
It is not really easy, but it is really rich. It’s an incredible chance to discover how people live so far away from your home.
During my voluntary work I had the opportunity to travel every weekend and discover so many part of the Indonesia culture. Even in the Java Island, the cities are different from each other.
I have done my voluntary work in a disabled of school that gave me the opportunity to discover how people work with disabled children in Indonesia.Living in a host family is an experience too, especially if you don’t have the habit or living with your parents anymore. But my host mother was so kind with me, she was loving me like her own child, I will never forget her.
In general, all the Indonesia people our coming, smiling, always ready to help. They will directly accept you. Their kindness is one of the most beautiful I have discovered during my voluntary work.
Written by Salome, Belgium volunteer from SVI Organization

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