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KEPCO Global Volunteers

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KEPCO Global Volunteers

By: Dona & Rindha
KEPCO Global Volunteers program was held from July 25th – August 1st 2016, Pekalongan City, Central Java. This project is coorporated with Better World Korea and KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation). This is a special program which is fully supported by KEPCO. The number of participant for this project are 38 volunteers (30 Korean volunteers, 2 KEPCO staff, 2 Better World staff and 4 Indonesian volunteers). The project site of this project is in Desa Pungangan, Pekalongan City, Central Java.
This project have a lot of activities that is installed solar cell panel, installed floodlight on each of the villagers house, painted the school and classroom, renovated the school’s toilet, and taught the student of SD Pungangan. The volunteers make a team for each activities, so the jobdesk are already clear. The volunteers start to work from 09.00 a.m – 04.00 p.m. everyday.
The education team teach the students many kind of things such as Korean culture, science, sanitation, art, and music. The students are really enthusiastic and excited for each lesson. The robot kit (science) and the music class is their most favorite class. The students are still remembering and sing the song eventhough the class is over. 
The volunteers also taught the students about how to throw the garbage. The volunteers give an explanation and an example that they must throw the garbage to the garbage bin. After that, the volunteers asked the students to find a garbage inside and outside the classroom. The students did it very well.
The volunteers held cultural exchange on the last day in Desa Pungangan. They performed K-Pop dance, taekwondo, Indonesian song, and Korean song. The students of SD Pungangan also performed Javanese traditional dance.  All the activities that the volunteers had in the Desa Pungangan are really great, memorable, and useful for the villagers.
Before they go back to Korea, the volunteers take free time to visit Sam Poo Kong, Goa Kreo, and Paragon Mall. Thank you so much for the volunteers and everyone who is supporting and make this project come true.  

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