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Elephant Conservation International Workcamp

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Elephant Conservation International Workcamp

August, 1-10 2016
Five volunteers were involved in Elephant Conservation International Worcamp that takes place in Lampung, Indonesia on August 1 – 10, 2016. They are from 5 different countries; 1 from Indonesia, 1 from Korea, 1 from Taiwan, 1 from Hong Kong, 1 from French. During the camp they did activities with the elephant in Way Kambas National Park and with local students of SDN 03 Raja Basalama.
Volunteers stayed in Way Kambas National Park, which is a park that specifically conserve and protects Sumatran elephants, from the 1st until 10 August.  There they spent the days by learning to live a life like a mahout. They are given different elephant and mahout because accidental reason. In the morning, volunteers went to bath their elephants, then enjoying the beauty of Indonesian tropical nature. After grassing, the elephants were left to feed themselves, and volunteers and their mahout went back to the camp.
In the afternoon at around 3 or 4, volunteers bath the elephants in the pool, and take them to the elephant’s pen. Volunteers did social activities such as playing games, having conversation, and taking a walk with the mahouts and students form IPB and Udayana University who had internship in Way Kambas in the evening. On August the 6th in the evening, volunteers had a barbeque and live music party with the mahouts and the students.
After doing activities in Way Kambas National Park, volunteers moved to Homestay in Raja Basalama, which is located not far from Way Kambas National Park. They stayed there form the 7th until the 10th of August. On the 8th, volunteers went to SDN 03 Raja Basalama, a local elementary school, to socialize the needs of conserving the nature especially elephants and introduce English to the students.
After volunteers went back to the homestay from school, volunteers visited a fruits garden to watch and learn about pineapple and banana’s harvest and packing. On the 9th, volunteers decided to have free time by travelling to tree house and went to Way Kambas again to meet the mahouts and the students.
It was such nice project. Volunteers got the chance to meet new people, to get new friends, to learn about Indonesian culture, to know more about elephant, and to work together in voluntary group. It must be exciting to see everyone again next time!   :-)

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