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Patrimonito International Workcamp 2016

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Patrimonito International Workcamp 2016

Patrimonito International workcamp was held on July 25th – August 5th 2016 in Bugisan Village, Prambanan sub district, Klaten Regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia. This project brought 14 volunteers which consisted of 8 Indonesian, 2 Korean, 2 Mexican, 2 Malaysian, and 1 Italian. The project took a place in Prambanan temple complex, especially Plaosan Temple.
Volunteers were taught how to preserve the heritage by doing restoration and conservation. As we know, because of the earthquakes which happened many times destroyed the temples, so it became very urgent to do both of restoration and conservation to preserve the originality of the temple. Conservation itself was done by cleaning the temples from moulds and lichens. It was very easy to do by anyone.
The small thing that could give big impacts. While restoration itself needed the expert one to do, because it took a long time and many steps. Another activities we did were teaching English language in SD N Bugisan 2. It was not only that we also did cultural exchange with the students. We played many games from Korea, Mexico, Malaysia, Italia and Indonesia itself. We also invited the students to do community service by taking the trash along the street we passed to go to the temple.
Volunteers were also introduced some foods and culture of Indonesia, such as making emping, jamu and also taught how to play gamelan. We very enjoyed doing all of these activities. People around the project site were so friendly and helpful to the volunteers. They often gave us many fruits and their harvest during the camp.
On the weekend, we visited main places in Jogjakarta to refresh our mind. We visited Royal Palace, Water Castle, and also Malioboro market. We bought many things about Indonesia, especially the foreign participants.
In the end of our camp, we held drama performance and drawing competition. We invited the students to come. There were also local people who saw our performance. It became such entertaining for them. In addition, we also cooking exchange and invited our neighbours to taste the meals along with our farewell party. For us, it was very wonderful and amazing experience to join in this program. Together we learnt, we shared and we cared.

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