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SMA 3 Sukoharjo Japanese Teaching Assistant Program

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 Japanese Teaching Assistant Program

SMA 3 Sukoharjo
I cannot believe three weeks have already passed since the program started. This amazing experience taught me the culture of Indonesia such as how people greet and talk, what people value in their lives, and how the whole society works. It helped me develop my knowledge of history and the relationship between Indonesia and Japan by visiting many places and communicating with the people I met here. It was only three weeks living here, but I learned much more than I was expecting.
I noticed from the beginning that many Indonesian values greetings and communications. Especially since I was volunteering in an education field, greetings were indispensable. It was not easy for me to say what I wanted to say when I talked to non-English or Japanese speaker, but everyone welcomed me with a big smile. That made me very comfortable and felt like I was part of the community. Also I noticed that Indonesia has a similar culture to Japan which is to laugh and to try to make the atmosphere in a good mood. Sometime this made me confused because people would smile and say “yes” even when they did not understand what I said. But I quickly accepted that it is just a culture.
I thought the biggest differences between Indonesia and Japan is what you value in life. For example, many Japanese values their works and the reputation from other people in lives. In other hand, many Indonesian values their religion and the time to spend with family or friends. I did not feel stressed about always being busy by tight schedules, but felt comfortable living being part of the nature. I assume this is because of the weather and the character of the people living in this country. It was nice to have a chance to live in this way because I could not have an experience like this in my country. It made me think about what I should value in life in order to live happily and make my dream come true.
I thought the society works differently than Japan. For example, when I went shopping to get food, I always went to a shopping center or a mall. But here in Indonesia, people go to stores where they sell the product which they want. I thought this is a little difficult for foreigners like me to get used to it. So I often went shopping with my host mother. Moreover, I noticed that there are many food place along the street. You can go there and have meal instead of cooking by yourself. In Japan, eating outside will cost you a lot of money than cooking by yourself, but here, people said it is easier and cheap to have a meal so it is usual to have something outside.
Overall, I learned so many new ideas and prospective through this program. The students and the teachers in school were very kind enough to show me around Central Java and share their culture with me. I was not expecting that I could be this close and have a great relationship with them. I cannot thank my host family enough for taking such a good care of me and making the stay here an unforgettable one.
They did everything that will make me do not want to leave this beautiful place. Three weeks sounds short and I felt it was short, but I gained a lot of experiences that I could never have in Japan. I appreciate my family in Japan for supporting me to come here, and Dejavato for providing me a great opportunity to come to placing me in this site.


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