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SMAN 4 Magelang Japanese Teaching Assistant Program

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 Japanese Teaching Assistant Program

SMAN 4 Magelang
3rd-18th August
Living in Indonesia, I gained a lot of experiences and so many interesting things.
While the Japanese class, students asked me a lot of questions about Japan. From those questions, I could understand how people regard Japan. Students also asked me how I thought about Indonesia and shared Indonesian culture such as foods, clothes, language, dance, etc. I came here as Japanese teaching assistant, but it was a lot more like cultural exchanges program.

The 17th of August is Indonesian independence day. At that day I was surprised to know that my host family's grandfather knew "KIMIGAYO", which is the national song of Japan and he sang military songs that I had never listened. I also hear about the history of the World War Two from him. Actually I already heard the story from my grandparents who was American and Japanese, but it was my first time to hear the story from another country related to Japan in that times.
The relation between religion and daily lives were the most interesting for me. Indonesia has the largest population of Muslim which I learned in University. Seeing a lot of Mosques, the sounds from Mosque, religion class in senior high school, and the time for pray. Sometimes people in here asked me the question "What is your religion?" which never asked before in Japan. These things show me that this country got a lot of influence from religion.
These days, I think religion is a hot topic because of the IS. The more I got information about the IS, the image of Muslim that I build get worse while I stay in Japan. However, the days when I stayed in Indonesia neutralized my paranoia of Muslims. In Indonesia, I saw church which was next to a mosque that shows how Indonesian people are very tolerate upon each other regardless of their religion.
One day in the classroom, there was a problem between the students. Then she told me that she was going to keep silent only for a day because they told me that they could not be mad at something and someone more than three days. The people here understood each other and I could see their effort to live together harmoniously.
They pray five times a day. For first, I thought that is too much. This country is not punctuated as Japanese but they don't skip the pray. In my opinion, praying is not just for praying but it has function of time scheduling. From those reasons, I believe that we should not build an idea from only one aspect. It is true there are people like IS, but it is also true that there are people like I have met in this country.

In Indonesia, I got a lot of experiences which  I never got before. Moreover if I came here just only for holiday and it was caused by this program. I want to say thank you who organized things for me. I'm sure I will never forget the experience I got from this program.
Thank you Dejavato.

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