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Prambanan Short Workcamp 2016

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PRAMBANAN Short Workcamp 2016

Prambanan Short Workcamp was a summer workcamp program which was aimed to introduce and preserve world’s heritage, especially the heritage of Indonesia. It was held in Bugisan Village, Prambanan sub district, Klaten Regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia for 10 days, starting from August 9th until August 18th, 2016. There were 13 volunteers joining this program. They are 10 Indonesians, 1 American, 1 Japanese and 1 Finnish.
Our workcamp focused on doing the reservation and conservation in the temples and joining local people’s programs. For the activity in the temple, we did twice. First, we did the conservation in Plaosan temple with BPCB staff’s help. They taught us how to clean the lichens using special brush and broom. Second, we went to the Bubrah temple to see directly the restoration process, and did the temple conservation. It meant a lot for the volunteers as it was our first experience to do such a thing and getting involved in preserving our heritage.
In this workcamp, we were also introduced by the traditional Indonesian food and drink by learning how to make traditional herb Indonesian drink, “jamu”, and traditional Indonesian cracker “emping”. The volunteers also experienced cultural exchanges. One of them was rubber skipping. In the afternoon, we usually played it, and it became so funny when someone failed and fell. Another cultural exchange that we did was language exchange. As we got one volunteer from America, we were so happy and grateful. He always corrected us when we mispronounced words so that our english got better.
The local people in our project site are very friendly. We enjoyed to get involved in some activities with them, such as learning silk-screening process, playing gamelan, joining community service, and Indonesia Independence Day competition. When we had a visit in school, SDN Kokosan 1, we taught english language. The students were so enthusiastic and interested when we sang and danced “Hockey Pockey” and “Are You Sleeping”. Then, we introduced them about Indonesian heritage by showing our temple’s activity video. We also invited them to watch our drama performance and join our drawing competition which were held in Plaosan temple. As our main theme was world heritage that focused on Plaosan temple, our drama performance told about the Legend of Plaosan Temple, while for drawing competition the participants were required to draw Plaosan temple.
On the last day of workcamp, we finally had a free time. We went to Yogyakarta and visited some places, they were Water Castle and Malioboro. We went there using Trans Jogja-Prambanan bus. We spent all along day in Jogjkarta and for our last activity for free time, we watched Ramayana Ballet Performance. It was really a memorable day. We felt that ten days was not enough for us to know more about ourselves, our culture, our heritage and all about our beloved Indonesia.


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