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Bali, 17th – 30th of July 2016
By: Yudhit
In order to complete this project I had to stay in Bali for 2 weeks to be a leader for 6 beautiful girls from China. Actually, I was worried because it was the first time for me to be a leader and I was all alone. I was wondering , what if these incoming volunteers were not be able to speak English and to add more I, myself, can’t speak Chinese at all. Then, how did we suppose to communicate? Was I really capable to do this project? Was this going to be failed? A lot of negative thoughts haunted me by the time I was on my way to meet them. But, all of these paranoia suddenly gone the moment I met them English very well.
In the first week of the project we spent our time in Ubud, a great place for relaxing and enjoying the scenery. At that time I gave them a Training on Arrival (ToA) and after that I played bingo with them. They were so enthusiastic. On that good occasion I also taught them to do the banana dance. I asked to them to write their expectation and worries. After that we went to rice field to see the beautiful scenery of nature there. They took a lot of pictures. Everyone was happy. In the next day I taught them some of Indonesian words and expressions.
In the beginning they were so stress because they learnt a new language, but the day after they managed to speak a few words of Indonesian language and I felt happy to be able to teach them. In the next occasion they learnt how to arrange flower by the help of Mrs. Ketut. They were so serious in arranging the flowers. The day after that we went to Monkey forest. In that day i felt a little sad because one of them was too scared to join. She was really afraid of animals. But, the rest of them were very happy and took lot of photos there. In next day they learnt Indonesian dishes, surprisingly they did very well. The last thing we did in the first week that really made their day was the traditional SPA service. Honestly, it was my first time to enjoy a SPA service too and yes, it was very momorable.
In second week we moved our project location to Jembrana, a regency in the west side of Bali. It took us 4 hours of driving by a car from Ubud. This time we were going to an Elementary School named Nusasari Elementary School. The volunteers were worried about their capability. Actually they never taught Chinese language and culture to other people before. Knowing this I tried my best to help them. I did the brainstorming activities with them and finally they managed to keep their mind calm and they knew what should they do.
They taught the Indonesian children about Chinese letters and traditions. From their traditional dances, cloth and so on and so far all of them tried their best to mingle with the children. As what the old people said, “no results deceived efforts” all of their struggles paid off when they could create a very warm and happy atmosphere to make the students really enjoy with their teaching. It was a very memorable 3 days for them doing voluntary service to teach children. In the next occasion we went to Mr. Rita’s house and met some volunteers from another project. They were leaded by Della. We were very happy to meet them. The volunteers led by Della came from Korea, Switzerland and France.
On that particular moment we were having a sharing experience session. It was so beautiful to be in a part of people from a lot of different countries that were talking about their culture. It was another moment that we might never forget. After that all of the volunteers learnt Indonesian traditional dance. Unfortunately, due to the incapability of some volunteers not all of them joined the dance.  I couldn’t blame them though because Indonesian traditional dance was indeed very tiring.
The next thing we did was going to the most favorable place to visit in Bali, of course, to the beach. Mr. Rita and his wife accompanied us to go there. We spent a lot of time and smile here. We enjoyed that moment to the fullest. All the thing that happened in this project was a piece of my life that I will never forget. All of the happiness, struggle, ups and downs, were priceless. Unfortunately, good thing always has to meet its end. In the 30th of July all of the volunteers had to go back to their home and so was I. I will really miss them. Not only them, but also I will miss Bali so much. My experience as a leader in Bali not only opened my opportunity to go there, but at the same time it endorsed my English language skills because I was not only learning from the book. I interacted, I communicated and I led people who didn’t speak my mother language here. I am very glad to be a part of this project.  

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