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Jembrana International Workcamp 2016

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JEMBRANA  International Workcamp 2016

Jembrana International workcamp 2016 was held on 8-19.-. august 2016 in SMPN 4 Negara , Jembrana regency, Bali, Indonesia. This project was in partner with SMPN 4 Negara. This project brought 2 volunteers from France(Louise Wasson, Lucie Lambert), 2 from Korea(Jeung Nam Kwon, Nuri Kim), 1 from Belgium(Daphne Sarpyener), 1 from Taiwan(Chen Mei-Chun), and 1 camp leader from Indonesia(Rudi Saputra).
This project focused on Education and Cultural development.  We lived in the local family there during this project.The volunteers did the project in the school to assist teachers in teaching activity especially English teachers. The interactions between the students and also the volunteers is really good, sometimes the students came to homestay to do their homework and doing interaction to the volunteers. They also try to learn Balinese traditional dance, Handy-craft and musical instrument.
The interaction between the volunteers and the local people also really interesting. They went to cultural ceremonies that Balinese held, such as Makepung, Purnama Ceremony, and Ngaben procession.
The volunteers also helped the school preparation for Independence day such as Marching Competition, Choir for Independence day ceremony, and so many thing s. Two days before the project ended, we did renovation in the school. Every volunteers painted their own flag in the pot, and put the plants inside.
In free time the volunteers went to Menjangan Island, Pulaki temple, Baluk Rening beach, Cupel Beach, Makepung(Buffalo Race), and Jembrana Festival.
The last day was very good. All of the students of SMPN 4 Negara, Teachers, Staffs,and all the volunteers held an farewell Ceremony, every volunteers gave their short speech for the last time and their impression, we had a traditional dance and music performance and took  pictures together.  In the evening, we did cooking-exchanges and Farewell party  with the local people and everyone that helped our project during we lived there. The volunteers were cooked food from their country, and everyone can eat that. It was such a great experience for all the volunteers to do volunteering in Jembrana, Bali project. Cultural understanding, and international youth friendship is one of the thing that really important. Stronger with volunteering!


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