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Elephant Conservation International Workcamp 2016

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Elephant Conservation International Workcamp 2016

It was great experience to take care elephant with volunteer from different country. There were three Taiwanese, one Korean, four French and one Belgium. The Elephant Conservation International Workcamp was held on 22nd – 31st August 2016 in Way Kambas National Park. We had three days for trekking and bathing with the elephant which guide by Mahout. We were bathing the elephants twice a day, bringing them to the pond to drink, riding with elephants to grass in the savanna, and taking them back to the stall in the afternoon.
The volunteers, elephant and mahout become close so fast, they just like best friend and make them hard to leave. Before we move in another homestay we cleaned the Way Kambas Center’s area include our homestay, some of local people helped us sweep all the trash and collected then burned. In the day 6th we moved in Pak Dedy’s house it was 30 minutes from Way Kambas Center.
In the morning we have free time, we separated in two groups. The European volunteer went to the beach and the Asian volunteer went to Krakatau Elephant Festival in the city. We enjoyed the vacation even they were little bit uncomfortable because some local people asked to take photo together in many times. Some of us brought food souvenir like banana chips and coffee Lampung to gift their family and friends. Then in the next morning we had activity in the school. We went to SD Negeri Rajabasa Lama 3 in the morning and SD Negeri Rajabasa Lama 2 in the afternoon. In the class we taught some basic English to the students, played some games, and sang together. We gave some stationaries and gift which had been prepared by the volunteers to the students. They were very enthusiastic in following our activities and we were really happy to share with them.
In the evening we did cooking exchange, there were white noodle and special drink from Taiwan, Korean black noodles, European pancake with the half-cooked egg on the top and sate for special Indonesia food. We invited some mahouts and neighbours to taste our food, and it was finished at all. In the last day we went to Nusantara Tropical Farm, it was the largest grower of Cavedish bananas in Indonesia, there were also cultivates guavas, dragon fruits and pineapples on 3.700 hectare plantation in Lampung.
We visited in every station of fruits to see how to clean and package the fruits until ready to export. We also had lunch together with the worker in the little gazebo near the farm. They gave us fresh pineapple and also crystal guava for free, it was very sweet and delicious. In the evening we went to Way Kambas again and did farewell party with the mahout, we had barbeque and live music. We enjoyed at the time but also felt sad because it was the last day we spent together. Some volunteers gave the souvenir to mahout and took photos together.

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