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Handicapped Center in Kenbuchi Hokkaido

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Handicapped Center in Kenbuchi Hokkaido

August 18th – August 27th 2016
By : Rika
            Handicapped center in Kenbuchi Hokkaido, an international workcamp was held from August 18th until August 27th 2016. The location was in Nishihara Gakuen, a place for handicapped there. There were five participants, the leader of project is Akane from Japan, Mai from Japan, Eika from Japan, Raquel from Mexico, and Rika from Indonesia.
            On the first day, we came to play room to play and talk with the handicapped. After played with the handicapped, five of us were taking to the hall and join the welcome party with people in Nishihara Gakuen. The activities we did on the next day until the last day, were only daily activities that usually they do. Sometimes, we were taking to some public place in Kenbuchi like E Hon no Yakata, Michi no Eki, Alpaca Farm, Daiso, a Temple, Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa, and many places. We were took to the government, and met with the mayor of Kenbuchi and talked about many things about some public place in Kenbuchi. We also studied about Chanoyu, a traditional tea ceremony in Japan.
            We stayed in a guest house near the school. The guest house had a facility like Japanese traditional houses, the room has tatami and the volunteer slept in futon.
            The activities were so amazing and we had so much new experiences there. The staffs there are so nice and kind. If we are in difficult time, they will help us to solve our problems. They held some tea party in Nishihara Gakuen too. We had so much fun karaoke with the staffs and with the handicapped too. They gave us some merchandises they made by their own selves as a present because join the project in Nishihara Gakuen on Farewell Party.
            Usually, we spent our free time by playing some cards game like Baba Nuki or Jiji Nuki and Shichi Narabe. Five of us had so much fun times when we were on  free times.


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