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Handicapped Child Care #2 is a second International work camp which was held from August 22nd 2016 until September 1st 2016, was located in Kusatsu, a city in Shiga Prefecture. There were 4 participants, Ryoko (Japan) as a Camp Leader, Shione (Japan), Katie (Russia).
The whole project activities was held in Tenki-mura that registered as NPO Children Network Center, but sometimes we visited some other educational places for the kids like museum, art galery, Kirin Factory, even held an outdoor events in the forest, lakeside, and camping ground.
In the first week, along with all the children we made crafts like a paper marbling calendar, an uchiwa (Japanese fan) from the Japanese washi paper by coloring with watercolor, and drawing a favourite character to a keychain. We also went to ZUTTO. ZUTTO is an old Japanese house placed in Otsu City, Shiga Perfecture. There we were doing a fish catching, then have a lunch and fish barbeque but before all the fun, we cleaned the house first to keep maintain the ZUTTO. In the way back home, we visited a Japanese Lifestyle Museum. And then in the weekend we went camping and stayed for one night at Kodomo no Kuni, means Children’s Country. There we also played and swam on the lakeside of Lake Biwa. In the night we were having a bath and soaking in Ofuro. Ofuro is a Japanese traditional bath. To do that, we have to bathing along with the others and put out all of our clothes before entering the Ofuro. Boys and Girls are bathing in seperate room of course.
 In the second week, we’re have an international cooking day. My friend, Katie, she cooked and introduced the Russian dessert named Blini. Few kids were also get involved while making a dough. It was quite simple to make and very delicious. In the next day we cooked Okonomiyaki. The Kids get involved too while making this dish. In the same day, aside from making Okonomiyaki, we also introduced the children’s games from our country. I was introduce the games called Engklek and Ular Naga Panjang. And Katie was introduced the games that we have so much fun while playing those each game.
We spent the free time by have a sightseeing to Nara and Kyoto. It was cloudy and rainy in all over the city, even Kyoto was having rain but we were planed to visited Nara park and Todai-ji first and turns out it was sunny and we can having fun. After that we went to Fushimi Inari, Kyoto in the afternoon. The weather is rather than before and not raining so we were so lucky because we didn’t expect for the rain.

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