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Dejavato Student Exchange (StudEx)

StudEx is an exchange program to overseas for Indonesian students with the age between 12 – 18 years old with a purpose of education and cultural exchange for 7 – 15 days. Through this program, students have an opportunity for self-development, self-reliance, interaction with international society, practicing foreign languages and building new friendship.
Requirements for joining Dejavato Student Exchange (StudEx)

  1. Age 12 - 18
  2. Speaks English / Eager to interact with foreigners
  3. Fill in Application Form  ( Application Form )
  4. Join the selection process by Dejavato
  5. Obtain permission from parents and school
  6. Willing to join the program from the beginning until finish
  7. Join every scheduled activity
  8. Follow the rules
  9. Respect local customs and culture
  10. Pay participation fee
List Student Exchange Overseas

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