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Main Programs

International Workcamp

Voluntary service program conducted by a group of local and international volunteers last for 2-3 weeks to support local community and develop international friendship. During the workcamp, volunteers live and do activities together in a pleasant atmosphere with various projects such as heritage, environment, education, renovation, as well as renovation, depending on local community needs.
Weekend Workcamp

Workcamp held on the weekends, followed by a group of volunteers with minimum age of 12 to do social activities.
Mid and Long Term Voluntary Service (MLTV)

MLTV is an individual voluntary service with a minimum age of 18 with a period from one to twelve months located in Indonesia or overseas with various activities such as teaching at school, internship in an organization’s office, assisting in an orphanage / nursing house / disabled school, and local community. Through this program, every volunteer is granted an opportunity for self-development, self-reliance, experiences, and contributing for society. The programs are as follow :
a.     Mid Term Volunteer & STePs
MTV and STePs is a volunteer exchange program for individual with duration 4 – 12 weeks. A Volunteer is free to choose the destination country and project.
b.    European Voluntary Service (EVS)
EVS is a volunteer exchange program supported by European Commission for youth with the age 18-30 years old for a period 3 – 9 months. Thus the destination country is decided by the committee.
c.     Long Term Volunteer (LTV)
Volunteer exchange program for individual with duration 5 – 12 months, country destination and project is chosen by the volunteer interest.
Dejavato Student Exchange (StudEx)

StudEx is an exchange program to overseas for Indonesian students with the age between 12 – 18 years old with a purpose of education and cultural exchange for 7 – 15 days. Through this program, students have an opportunity for self-development, self-reliance, interaction with international society, practicing foreign languages and building new friendship.
Dejavato Cares

Dejavato takes role in social activity for our people who are underprivileged and those who are facing difficult situation caused by natural disaster as well as emergency situation by giving financial support, medical service and sending volunteers.
In education field, Dejavato supports children who are underprivileged by raising fund and give scholarship and stationary. Dejavato is open and encourage those who are willing to give contribution and be foster parents for those students.
Dejavato Internship

Dejavato is open for university students and people who would like to have intership in Dejavato’s office to get experience, university internship project (PKL), get more knowledge in voluntary service and international networking.
Host Family

Indonesian family has a chance to be actively involved in Dejavato programs by becoming a host family for our foreign volunteers. Becoming a host family will give an opportunity for intercultural understanding, practicing foreign languages, interaction with foreigners, etc.

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