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Dejavato has gathered numerous comments from former volunteers who has happily shared their experiences and feeling from their participation in our programs.

“My experience with Dejavato was a big enrichment. During 2 weeks, I taught French in a public school in Semarang” 
Colbeaux (France)

“I am very lucky with my host organization Dejavato Foundation and my project site. I am happy about my voluntary service” 
Schneider (Germany)

“I have had a really wonderful time and I feel very lucky to have been so well looked after by Dejavato. I just wanted to say MASSIVE thank you for everything ” 
Katharine (UK)

“Staying in a small Indonesian village provides close contact to locals and a fantastic insight into customs and lifestyle of Indonesia. Crowds of children running around you, one hundred times “Mau kemana?”, never-ending smiling faces and the best organization you can find make my stay here a wonderful experience that I just enjoy! (Das Leben in einem kleinen, indonesischen Dorf ermoeglicht einen nahen Kontakt zu Einheimischen und eine fantastische Einsicht in den Alltag und die Lebenseinstellung in Indonesien. Herden von um einen herumrennenden Kindern, einhundert Mal „Mau kemana?“, immer laechelnde Gesichter und die beste Organisation, die man finden kann, machen meinen Aufenthalt hier zu einem wundervollen Erlebnis, das ich nur geniessen kann!) ” 
Swantje (EVS Germany)

“The generosity of the Indonesian people has made it very easy to make you feel at home even in a country so far away from ‘home’ (De hartelijke mensen in Indonesie maken het je makkelijk om je hier thuis te voelen terwijl je ondertussen toch ook zo ver van ‚huis’ bent)”
Rutten (The Netherlands)

“Despite the difficulties in the communication and culture that I constantly faces I am deeply honored by the way I have been taking care of and the overall interest in my personality from the local people and the DEJAVATO organization, and it only makes me look forward to the next 7 months! (Paa trods vanskeligheder i kommunikationen og kulturen, som jeg konstant konfronterer, er jeg dybt beaeret over den maade, hvorpaa jeg er blevet behandlet og den overordnede interessere i min person fra de lokale og DEJAVATO, og det goer, at jeg virkelig ser frem til de kommende 7 maaneder!!)”
Skriver (EVS - Denmark)

“술루르사리에서의 2주는 잊지못할 좋은 경험이었다. 무엇보다 인도네시아의 시골에서 느낄수 있었던 사람들의 미소와 아이들의 순수함이 좋았고, 다른 봉사자들과 일하면서 봉사와 가르치는 것에 대해서 다시한번 생각하게 되었다. 
단순히 나는 봉사활동이 내 인생에서 좋은경험이 될것이라고 생각하고 참여하게되었던 경향이 있었는데, 다음에 참여하게 된다면 조금더 진지하게 , 더욱 준비된 자세로 참여하고 싶다. 한국에 돌아가게 되면 다른 종류의 봉사활동을 찾고싶다.”
Inteack (South Korea)

“Dejavato has given me such a wonderful experience during my stay in Indonesia. Thank you!!”
Erin  (Canada)



I am very satisfied with my experience here. The project site is excellent; food and accommodation are absolutely amazing. Through this experience, I learn how to be more flexible and patient, also to appreciate the beauty of simplicity. Thank you Dejavato for helping me with everything.
Christina – EVS Italy
Being positive and open minded helped me build good relationship with local people. I learnt a lot about good hospitality and I think other nations in the world could learn a lot from Indonesian people and their hospitality.
Asta – ICYE Iceland
Participating in the project has changed my view of the world. I have learnt so much from local community, especially how to take pleasure in the small things. My plan for the future is come back to Indonesia as fast as I can, find a job, and try to live here.
Arthur – EVS Poland
I understand now that the world is so big and we think the best things are the western, but it is not like that. I would strongly recommend this experience as a good opportunity to learn a lot from other people and cultures. It is also too develop yourself in completely different context which not only personally but also professionally.
Leire – EVS Spain
The most difficult aspect of my life inside the local community was about religious mentality of its inhabitants. I just spent time in their religious sites, I studied, without prejudice, some of their holy books and talked to people more educated to understand the theory. Now, not only I can understand them better but I appreciate it and very interested in their religion.
Paolo – EVS Italy
In the future, I would love to work internationally, and I can totally see myself coming back to Indonesia again. Being a European in Indonesia is a very special thing. People tend to treat “bules” (white people) like movie stars, asking for pictures when they see you on the streets and so on.
Kajsa – EVS Sweden
I started to like little children more, of course I liked them before also, but I didn’t have chance to see them so much. In Indonesia I have met so many so great little human beings and I am going to miss them back home.
Katii – ICYE Finland
I have learned about Indonesia a lot and especially how big and versatile country it is considering the nature, people, ad culture. I have learned about the way of life of Muslim people. I have grown to be more patient. I hope I have learned something about hospitality and kindness of Indonesia people.
Mika – ICYE Finland
I learned to be patient, flexible, and open minded throughout the past 6 months. I learnt also that staying for a longer time at one place really helps to understand the local culture, to learn the language and to get a feeling for the people and the country. I have never experienced this before just by travelling. Travelling for me is a less deepen experience than the voluntary service program.
Astrid – ICJA Germany
In my host family place, they have whole time snacks, so if I was hungry, I could go to the kitchen to eat or prepare some food. I learned a lot for my future from teaching at school. Now I understand how difficult it is to be a good teacher and to handle a group of kids.
Verenna – ICJA Germany
I have done nothing in my whole life than being a student, so it was really, really interesting for me, to try and work “on the other side of the fence”. And I have grown a lot as a person, I turned down many of the things I hated about myself, many bad things etc. One of the things I’ve learned a lot from, and will definitely bring back to Denmark, is the welcoming, though continuous kindness of people here.
Luca– ICYE Denmark
I was accommodated I the house of the school’s principal. I felt very comfortable and loved. They are like my second family and I felt like their own daughter.
Julie – ICJA Germany
I worked in a Panti Wreda. One difficult thing was when one of the oma passed away, especially if I was close with her. I cannot put it words how happy and thankful I am that I could do a voluntary service in Indonesia. It enriched me in so many ways now. It was an amazing experience I would always choose to do again.
Tabea – ICJA Germay
I choose to do volunteering because I took Japanese Language Education. In here, I ate a lot of papaya. As a result, I broke my stomach and got sick. Sometimes I was puzzled by the cultural differences, but I was able to make great memories.
Ayano - Short Visit Japan
The best part was eating Indonesian food. I always eat spicy food, and this is really delicious.
Yosuke - Short Visit Japan
The hostfamily are so kind and I enjoyed Indonesian culture. However I regret not studying Indonesian Language in Japan before. I want to be able to speak Indonesian and I want to come back to Indonesia again.
Asumi - Short Visit Japan
Untuk SMA 1 Kendal ini adalah yang ke -3 kali menjalin kerjasama dengan Dejavato mulai tahun 2010. Kegiatan ini sangat bagi siswa karena selama ini mereka hanya mendengar bahasa Jepang & Hatsuon melalui guru di Indonesia. Karena mendengar pengucapan dari guru nya saja dengan orang asli Jepang berbeda. Sehingga itu sangat membantu dan bermanfaat bagi murid – murid di sini.
Bu Asih – Guru Bahasa Jepang
Dari program volunteer ini saya merasa senang, karena saya sedang belajar bahasa jepang dan bisa menjadi homestay untuk orang jepang, selain itu saya bisa menambah teman sambil mengasah kemampuan saya dan dapat pengalaman yang luar biasa
Arvian - Hostfamily



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