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Volunteer Diary

I have learnt too much to describe in here! I have learnt a lot about the culture and about myself, and also about teachings and schools in general. Before I was usually a bit nervous when I had to teach without having a plenty of time to prepare myself, but now it is easier since I did that a lot in Al-Azhar. I also started to like little children more, which is funny! Of course I liked them before also, but I didn’t have chance to see them so much. In Indonesia I have met so many so great little human beings and I am going to miss them back home.
I had quite many lessons every day. Some teacher let us do more than others, and I especially enjoyed lessons where I could invent and play games with the students. I was also helping students with exercises. We had also called “office time” with other employees in the school and we were supposed to help them with their work, but in reality they usually had nothing for us to do. It was fine thought, because I spent the time practicing Bahasa with them or for instance visiting some places they wanted to show me near the school.
Kati – ICYE Finland
I think my most difficult moments were the kind that a lot of the western volunteers have to face : taking tons of pictures, having to give number to a lot of strangers and so on. These kind problems I just got used to.
I got the dengue fever on my Christmas holiday which wasn’t so bad even though I had to go to hospital. The after effect of the disease I was very tired long time even though I didn’t have the actual disease anymore. That’s why my January was a bit hard but during the weeks I got better.
Towards the end of my project my driver who picked me up to school was often really late which made me seemed to some people that I was also late. This problem was never solved but I hope the people wondering my lateness believed it wasn’t my fault.
Mika – ICYE Finland
The location of the project is excellent. Kudus is a lovely city with all kinds of facilities provided. The food and accommodations are absolutely very amazing. I had trouble with spicy food at the beginning, but I got easily used to it. Now I need sambal on anything I eat.
At school, I helped English teachers during the lesson. The organization was excellent as it was perfect and with effective team work aimed to speed student learning process. The teachers are all well prepared, creative, and passionate. Teaching with the teachers made me able to practice my teaching skills while adjusting to a completely different academic background. I worked a lot in pronunciation and trough the teachers’ help; I was able set up fun teaching with games.
Christina – EVS Italy
The main challenge for me was to inspire children to learn English. Show them the value of learning and how it can be used in the future. I tried to explain to them that they can also achieve success in their life. What I did wasn’t hard for me. It was a pleasure and I did what I like to do. And to achieve my goals, I need positive attitude and a desire to make the children happier.
By teaching English I another country, every day I discovered a new skills. I developed and learned many new and interesting things. Participating in project has changed my view of the world; allow me to know the different values, culture, and new people. The experience turns the world upside down.
Arthur – EVS Poland
One of the most unforgettable experiences is the calling for prayer in the beginning. Even on my best days, I’m not a morning person and that was just pure jetlagged torture. After 10 days I had gotten used to it somehow. 
I also had problem with the staff not knowing anything about Ungaran, as soon as they had a day off, they when home to their hometowns. Walking around and asking other people solved that problem, though.
Kajsa – ICYE Sweden
I realized that how much I was tied with time before I came to this country. People in
Indonesia are very relaxed and not be in a rush. I knew that Indonesian people are not punctual, but still, it surprised me in reality. When I was in a class, one student asked me, “What is the main reason for being accurate?.” It was difficult to answer, but I guessed she also could not understand why the Japanese are really punctual. Once I realized that being accurate is one of the cultures, I see how much Japanese are tied with the time. While spending time in Magelang, I was able to be more relax with the time.
During my stay in Magelang, I started to wonder ‘what is rich?’ and ‘what is happiness?’ I believedthat Japan is a rich country, but seeing from the food and natural resource aspect, Japan is a poor country while Indonesia is a rich country in that aspect. Moreover, when I was in Japan, I earned enough money, but I was always pushed for time, not much time to enjoy it. Getting in touch with Indonesian culture, I learned new value.
Hiromi – CIEE Japan
On Januaray 22nd I arrived at my project in Winong: the IslamicJunior High School MTs Negeri Winong. I was overwhelmed atfirst since 200 students stood there waiting to shake my hand andI did not even wear my proper shoes.. After the introduction I gotto see my room and was really happy to finally arrive at my homefor the next 12 months. In Winong I lived in the Boarding Schoolof the MTsN Winong besides 200 students and caretakers. I alsohad a host family who lived just a few meters away. They tookcare of my food and supported me when I had problems. Thefood was really a difficulty at first since I am a vegetarian and it iscommon in my host family to eat fish and also really spicy. I thinkI needed a few months to adapt to the food and the eating habits.I was surprised but I was really okay with eating rice three timesper day and I never bought bread or something else. Now I reallylike Tempe and Nasi Goreng and to eat it every day!
Kathrina  ICJE Germany 
Since I was about 20 years old, I have wanted to be a professional Japanese teacher. So, I have taught foreigners Japanese language as a volunteer in Japan since 2010. But it was my first time to teach Japanese in a foreign country and it was an adventure for me to live abroad for than three months.
Indonesian people and culture are different from Japanese people and culture. For example, Indonesian men are more talkative than I had expected. Of course, Indonesian women are very talkative. I am shy I front of strangers naturally, so it caused some miss understandings between some Indonesians and me. These experiences were good lessons for me.
I have learned some important matters. One of them is that the ability of communication and quantity of knowledge about language are not related. The other is that sometime vigor is more important than knowledge. I have learned a lot of important things from this voluntary program. In addition, all of Indonesian people were my teacher. I don’t know how to thank them. Terima kasih atas segala batuannya!!!
Osamu – StePs Japan
"The first thing I noticed when I came to Indonesia was the kind people. There is so much happiness and kindness everywhere. Whatever you go you are greeted with joy and happiness and they will do anything to make you satisfied, even though you don't really know the person. It can be someone you just met or the cashier in the supermarket. The caring and kindness is everywhere. This was a big thing for me because I come from Sweden and there the people is very different. Of course the cashier in Sweden would treat you nice as well but just random people in the streets or people you don't know, they would not start talking to you or care about you in the same way. In Sweden we have our own little bubble and don't really like to talk to strangers. But I really like it. I really like how everyone gives you a "good morning" or simply just a smile when you pass them on the street. This is the thing that has impressed me the most about Indonesia and probably the thing I will miss the most - The wonderful Indonesian people."
Ragna  Sweden



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