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Dortmund Project

Dortmund Project

Living abroad is one of my dreams since I was a kid. I never expected that volunteering made my dream came true. Yes, I just became a volunteer in Dortmund, Germany for a year. I was so blessed for having a warm host family, having a teaching project in the kindergarten, and having volunteer friends who came from various countries. In the meantime, I could exchange culture, knowledge, the food taste, and the way of thinking perspective. It was really fun and my international relationship became wider.


My main perspective after having an explanation of the project is I was thinking one year is not a short time. The program was so hard. Being volunteer in Germany was new, strange, and horrible for me. I was going to leave the project before it ended. Indonesia and Germany are totally different from many ways such as the culture, lifestyle, food, and many more. Through the happiness and sadness, in sickness and health, tears for new problem were my daily routine. I could not say that Indonesia is better than Germany because I just not get used to it. Volunteering brought me to truly appreciate the diversity.  I learnt a lot from it. Those experiences are really useful for who I am today.


One important thing I never wonder that I can cook for various Indonesian cuisines, starting from appetizer, main course, and dessert.  Before going to Dortmund, standing in a kitchen was scary for me. Now, Rendang is an easy food for me to cook, LOL. Thus, thank you ICYE and Dejavato for this wonderful opportunity!


Writer: Luthfia