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Eri Sakiyama - Volunteering in TK KUCICA

Eri Sakiyama - Volunteering in TK KUCICA

Before I came to Indonesia, I had been looking forward to meet Indonesian. However, I was also feeling unsure because I had to go by my self. After I arrived in Indonesia, I was not feeling worried anymore because everyone was so kind to me. I felt very regretful that I caught a cold,but after my cold got better, I became happier!

The first time I went to the elementary school where my project was held, I was so surprised and happy because lots of children greeted me and I was surrounded by them. Such situation do not happen often in Japan. I came to Indonesia to teach Japanese language and culture because Japanese learner in Indonesia is the second biggest in the world, that’s why I wanted to teach them. Also, I am studying Indonesian in my university, so I wanted to talk using Indonesian language.

There were three surprising things about Indonesian elementary school. One of them was the difference of education compared to Japan. In Indonesia, children are very free. The teacher will be angry at once if it happens in Japan, so it is quiet during class, but in Indonesia, the teacher is not angry. I think it is a good situation where children can actively express opinions. It is said that the Japanese people are shy, and I felt that the early childhood had something to with it, that’s why Japanese people are shy and Indonesian people are energetic. The second difference is greeting. As soon as the children find a teacher, they will rush and greet the teacher. The children shake hands by putting teacher’s hand in their cheek. I think it was very polite.The third one is the English education. In Japan I study English from 3rd grade, but in Indonesia It starts from 1st grade. I felt that English education is more developed compared to Japan.

First of all, when I introduced myself, the children asked a lot of questions, I was very happy. I prepared a presentation about Japanese New Year and Japanese sports, then I introduced them to the children. The children listened very interestively. I was surprised that Indonesia has a lot of knowledge about Japan, such as Japanese culture and animation, and that was a pleasure for me. I also made hearts and sumo wrestling by using origami. I played with Japanese New Year 's toys and did a calligraphy. It was difficult to explain using Indonesian language, but everyone was so pleased. Moreover, the teachers were very kind to me. Indonesia Children and teachers are really kind.

I am very grateful to my host family because they helped me with my daily life every day. Mother made lots of delicious Indonesian food. I also spent a lot of times to go sightseeing in Semarang. I was busy every day, yet it was fun every day. Three weeks passed so quickly and I was so sad to leave my friends. Someday I definitely want to comeback to Semarang.

Indonesia has plenty of natural and rich fresh foods and fruits. The life style was different from Japan, but it was such an amazing experience for me. Also, I gained a valuable experience by knowing more about Islam. Indonesian values ??their family. Indonesian always energetic, always laugh. Indonesian people are kind and it is a very good country. Although I was very anxious to come to Indonesia alone at the first time, but I finally felt grateful especially to the people who helped me so that I could spend three weeks here happily. Thanks to all the Dejavato staffs who supported me, the host family who lived together with me everyday, the elementary school teachers, the children and all the people. I will never forget these memories.