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Euroweek Poland, 2018

Euroweek Poland, 2018

By Nurseto Nugroho, Indonesian

They call me Seba. Typical local name which is known as bad boy for youth there. Actually I named myself after three months I had been there. The village is called Mi?dzygórze. Located in the south of Wroc?aw and pretty close to the border of Czech Republic. A small one with 700 people. It is a wonderful place with wonderful people and memories. I love it.


8.00 am. Time to wake and shower.


“DZIEN DOBRY!!!!!”, I screamed. For them, it is funny to listen an Asian saying polish words. But, anyway, I spell it correctly. They have 32 letters on alphabet and I have them archived neatly in my brain. I was the best student on Polish Course.


Some of them enjoy cuddling my black Asian hair. Looking at me like they are looking at an imported elephant from Thailand. Asking many questions of how can we be so multilingual as Indonesian, how can I survive from volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and so many others. It just feels super cool being totally different with my surrounding.


“WELCOME TO EUROWEEK!!!!” everyone is clapping their hands. The students love it so much. They have found their joy in this camp meeting many volunteers from all over the world. We have 3,5,7 and 10 days program for everyone. Mostly visited by primary, middle and high school students.


As a camp leader, I was organizing the program everyday together with another volunteers at my hotel. We usually have almost 200 students each week. It is a though job. But it is a great place to work. Especially when you have totally diverse environment. Volunteers work directly with students. Start from making the schedule everyday for the whole program by discussing it with the team and execute everything together. We have flexible working style. This what makes this program is cool. We do what we want. Creativity is trained here.


We also have school visit which happen once in three months maximum for each volunteer. I like school visit. We can stay at teacher’s house which is super heartwarming for me. Knowing how the real polish family life is. Making new connections, friends, and family. I just can’t describe its happiness.

Being there for 9 months made me cried on my last activity on Euroweek. I can’t belive I had to leave my bestfriends I made there. After working together everyday passing goods and bads. I will definitely put the memory on my top list in my heart. It is a smiley place.

I miss Poland!