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Germany is Great!

Germany is Great!

by Yulia Sutjahjono, Indonesian

Going to Europe is almost impossible for me. But everything is possible, isn’t it? So, from August 2017 to August 2018, the unpredictable story just happened. After two years from my first project in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2016, I had an opportunity to be an international volunteer again in Berlin, Germany for 12 months!

My project was in the public space for kids and family named“Kinderfreizeit und Familienzentrum Upsala Berlin”. There, people can do and find some stuffs, such as making pottery, build something from wood in the wood workshop, making something from recycle paper, handmade craft, airbrush class, Flamenco dance class, Middle-Eastern dance class, Yoga class, theater group, choir group, and music school. People can also celebrate their birthday in my project. So, my daily task was to help my colleagues to assist the teacher in each class or course, but I was in the pottery classroom more often because I prefer killing my working hours to make ceramics there! I also joined and assisted the coach in the 4-12 years-old children Flamenco class. Or prepare the place also decorate the room for people who will celebrate their birthday in Upsala. So, I would say that Upsala is the greatest project I’ve ever had!

Everything was very difficult in the beginning, and I think that’s normal. Moreover about the language. As a person who graduated in French major, I found some difficulties in learning German (Deutsch), but I always motivated myself to learn it harder but enjoy all of the process. To improve my German, what I actually did was to keep talking in German with my host family and people in my project, also practice it every time I go shopping to supermarket or grocery store. Then, in the fourth month, I started to get used to it. I found that speaking Deutsch is great! I really like it!

From my voluntary year, I also made friends from all entire nations of the world. What I like from making friend with them is because I could learn and know some cultures from their country that I never knew before. And also about the language, sometimes we exchange our language for the very simple sentences, such as how to greet, say thank you, etc. And I found that is so much fun! Especially, when I listened to Latin American volunteers. Because they speak Spanish, and Spanish is pretty similar with French, so I was quite excited if I could catch their phrase and understand the point, because I could relate to my skill in French.

Thank you so much for ICYE Germany and Dejavato Foundation that gave me this precious opportunities! See you in another journey! Auf Wiedersehen!