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Japanese Culture for Children Experience at PKBM Ibnu Hajar - Ayane Suzuki

Japanese Culture for Children Experience at PKBM Ibnu Hajar - Ayane Suzuki

During my stay in Indonesia, I had special time with Indonesian people. People in Indonesia are all kind, friendly, and they don’t forget to smile. They accepted me everywhere I went.


PKBM IBNU HAJAR is the kindergarten which I worked as a volunteer for the children. I was glad to the fact that all children get attached to me soon after I said hello. Once I left from the children, they chased after me and held my hand. Even if we couldn’t communicate smoothly due to the different languages, we had happy time through many activities. For example, dancing, playing tag, and walking around the kindergarten. Especially, children like singing a song, so I taught them many Japanese songs for kids like “Shabondama”, “Morinokumasan” and “Okinakurino kinoshitade”. Sometimes teachers tried to translate Japanese songs into Indonesian. We enjoyed singing a song Japanese version and Indonesian version alternately.


PKBM Ibnu Hajar: 13thFeb - 5thMar 2020

Ayane Suzuki

Moreover, I had a chance to teaching at high school because my host father is high school teacher. All students in high school welcoming me, and they asked many questions. They really interested in Japan, so the question time continued until the class was finished. We talked many things not only Japanese things but also Indonesian things. Some students taught me simple Indonesian words and phrases. It was good memory for me to try introducing myself in Indonesian in that class.

Above all, my stay in Indonesia has become wonderful by my host family. They were always put me first and try to made my stay more enjoyable and comfortable. In free time, they took me to many places like wedding party, traditional market, and Borobudur temple. They said to me “You’re always welcome to my house, please come and visit us again”. I was glad to hear that and I’m so grateful to have met them. I will keep in touch with them and I hope someday I will visit here again.


Through these memorable experiences, I could learn a lot of things. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to the people who helped me in my stay including my host family, kindergarten children, teachers at kindergarten and Dejavato staffs.