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Karibu Tanzania

Karibu Tanzania

Going to Tanzania on 11 February is a like a dream for me. It’s a surprise and best gift ever in my life. I visited Tanzania with my two friends (red: lovely cuties sisters Kak Pradnya and Kak Risma) to participate in Young Social Innovators by Erasmus +. First time, when I heard about Tanzania from a meeting as local volunteer, I was wondering, where it’s located, to be honest before joining this program I never know what and where is Tanzania. After I heard that Tanzania will host a great event like seminar for Social Innovators which focuses on youth entrepreneurship, I directly browse and read general information of Tanzania. I got the details from Wikipedia, and try to figure out what’s general condition especially problem of youth entrepreneurs there. Google told me that the problem of young entrepreneur in Tanzania is similar with global problem included passion and financial problem.

Before visiting Tanzania, I always have stereotype of Africa. Media exposure has shaped my mind about them. I thought Africa was not beautiful. People always put stereotype on them. Until I visit Africa and see how the condition by my own eyes. All stereotypes that I believed before is disappeared, I see Africa especially Tanzania as a wonderful place. They are so friendly and lovely as well, they love dancing so much. I give my 100 as perfect score for their hospitality.

We stay in Jamirex Hotel located in Mwenge Dar Es Salam. When we arrived there, the officers were greeting us warmly with lovely smile. They guided us to our comfort room and also serve lunch based on our order. During our trip from airport to hotel, I observed a lot. I enjoy the music in Swahili and see how the roads, building and people’s activities. One interesting thing that really got my attention is I see many policewomen and women officers since we arrive in Immigration office in the Dar Es Salam Airport, during the Safari Trip to Mikumi National Park and also in most all main roads in Mwenge and city central. It’s so different with what I believe before, previously I thought Africa is a place where women oppression is high. But no.. it’s totally wrong, you may see how women emancipation is great, women and men have equal opportunity to work and get access through everything.

We started our event on 13 February, we met 21 participants from Croatia, Poland, Kenya, Peru, Thailand, Czech, and Tanzania. We are so curious each other about culture, custom, program and also start up. We share many problems related to youth issue and try to talk about the solution that might be possible to be done. People really enthusiast and passionate to tell everything. We spent 7 days in the hotel and it feels so short. Like we just met yesterday, there are a lot of stories that still need to be tell. This is my first time to talk about my cheesecake in the public, I really enjoy and feel the air. They were so excited to hear my story. I feel, this is a true community that support each other without judgment. We are truly become global citizenship.

I also will never forget my birthday celebration on 14 February. When I know my birthday will be in Tanzania, I was thinking that no one knows. It’s a big WRONG... they are so nice, in the morning all participants sing birthday song in 8 different languages, I am so happy and speechless at the same time. When we were in lunch, suddenly hotel management came closer to me, the song in the restaurant changed to happy birthday song and all the crews were singing and dancing, bringing me a lovely cake. OMG... I can’t resist my tears of happiness. They hug and give their best wishes to me. They are so lovely, I remember Alfred, Ana, Laila, and Amina they were awesome. In the night they took me to see the city and how glamour Tanzania under the moon, I join them, and suddenly in the Bar all the people are singing Happy Birthday, my lovely friends (Red: Bless,Tasson, Naa,Frida,Polin,and Tass) and my sisters (Red:Kak Prdanya and Kak Risma) brought me my 2nd cake and candles. OMG.... I will never ever forget this moment. I am so happy and still can feel the excitement until today. I love them so deeply!

7 days in Tanzania succeed to make me falling in love with everything of them. I found a top wish list travel that I’ll visit soon in the future, bring my family and future husband there. Enjoying the food, culture, visit national park, Zanzibar and for sure introduce them to Chris (Chief of TYCEN and our great Papa ‘I thought call him PAPA is the most suitable calling :D).

THANK YOU SO MUCH Dejavato who gave me this amazing opportunity. I am so grateful knowing Dejavato, gorgeous Mas Ketut and all lovely staffs. Without them I’ll never be able to experience such amazing moment and discover my new family from all around the world.

We might have different culture, language, characteristic, and custom. But we are united and struggle for the same thing “Empower youth to become young social innovators engine of social change”. Life will be much more beauty without Judgement and Stereotype! Explore the world, see the culture and respect the differences!