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Moe Yesutake - TK Kucica

Moe Yesutake - TK Kucica

In this project, I was teaching Japanese culture to the children in a kindergarten called TK Kucica. Staying in a community gave me a chance to see not only the surface of Indonesia, but also actual and local Indonesia which I couldn't see when I visited Indonesia as a tourist. 

The first day in Kucica, the children sang a  Japanese song "Saita" for me which they learned from the previous volunteer. I was very happy that they can still sing this song, and they still remember her, so I was excited to teach them. It was quite easy to get along with the children because they were very interested in me. I taught them a new song "Okina kurino kinoshitade", and they sang it to my piano accompaniment in my farewell party. We all cooked japanese rice balls together. They are very interested in toys which I brought from Japan such as Kendama, Otedama, and skipping ropes.

Teachers, the kindergarten principal and my host family were so kind that they always tried to regale me, and took care of me. I went to a traditional market, and to a Karawitan group to try playing Gamelan. One of the teachers invited me to attend a traditional wedding of her brother. It was a valuable experience for me to see the wedding and her village. Sponsors of Kucica were also very kind to me that they invited me to having a dinner. I went to Solo with teachers, the kindergarten principal and my host family. I'm happy to have memories with them all together. My host mother has a big interest in japanese culture, so we could talk about academic contents, and I learned many things from that. I'm so thankful that she gave me a opportunity to teach Japanese culture to neighbors. 

During this project, not only I taught, but also I learned many things. I realized that speaking a same language is not the most important thing to get along each other. I could be a good friend with the children and local people who can not speak English. When I want to communicate with the maid at home, we used google translate, and we understood each other very well.