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By Lucile Bammé


So this is it ! It's the end of my 6 months in Indonesia. It passed by so fast but I had the chance to discover so many things. It's pretty hard to put words on this marvellous experience and I actually don't really know where to begin. I spent those six months working in a kindergarten where I teached english to the children and helped in the daily activities. When I arrived in March, I was thinking of every subjects I wanted them to learn but I now think that I learned more from them than they did from me ! The children and my colleagues were so full of love and wanted to share everything single things with me. 

My volunteering also allowed me to intend to events held by other schools where I had the opportunity to see another way of doing and share my culture with others. For example, I participated to a cultural summer camp and even a workcamp to restorate hindouist temple!

During my free time, I get the chance to discover Indonesia, and espacially central Java. The most important thing for me was to be truly able to discover and understand the javanese culture. Meeting people and taste the diversity of the culinary culture was what I enjoyed the most. Indonesian people are so welcoming, kind, curious and smilling and their food is truly amazing (even though it can be a bit spicy for a french girl sometimes) ! Indonesian culture is so far from the european one that you're able to discover things every single day.

Learn from Indonesians enable you to put your own culture into a perspective. I really feel that this experience makes me develop my mind.

This volunterring will be engraved in me forever !