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On Thursday (30th December, 2019), there was an event held by Dejavato called REC Workshop 1. Its aims to provide learning about various new sciences, such as: Cinematography, Psychology, etc. This seminar focuses on the mental psychology of adolescents, which is currently diminishing due to several things. One of them is like Bullying. Besides Dejavato, many members from other countries have joined Project REC.

The workshop had been participated by several participants who had more interest in the topic. This is evidenced by numbers of interesting questions asked by the participants. Apart from the participants, it also had two speakers who explain the material understandably. In addition, the approach used by the speaker was quite effective.

In addition, there was the practical session to make the participants more understand about the material that was explained. Their work will be discussed at the end of the workshop.

Furthermore, the participants are expected to get knowledge and experiences from the workshop, such as: humanity feeling, a good teamwork among members, and so on.