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Spanish Volunteer: Esmeralda

Spanish Volunteer: Esmeralda

It was the first of October when my feet stepped Indonesia for the first time. My first destination: PKTJ Tegal. At that moment I thought I could do everything easily, a woman from Spain, a developed country, with opened mind, many knowledges and a big hope… but things are never as you think. Soon I had to face how wrong I was about everything. I found lovely people who took care of me, who were very interested in new cultures, in di?erent style of life, people with a life totally di?erent to me but with same dreams.

For the first week I had a bit of culture shock that didn’t let me enjoy as I can do… but this people taught me how important respect is, how important family is, how important friends are… we can live in di?erent way but important things are always important things, in Indonesia, in Spain, everywhere. So, I started to enjoy every minute of my time in Indonesia. It was very cool how people stopped me by the street asking me for a picture, I couldn’t believe it, but I really enjoyed my short time of famous woman!

In class, they were so interested to speak to me, asking for many things about me, my life, Spain, tradicional food, tradicional dance… they really wanted to see a new world and learnt about it. They also showed me their culture, style of life… and I saw how proud they are about it. We spend a lovely time together, talking about everything, traveling and visiting amazing places… I learnt tradicional dance and tough them salsa, very funny moments. Step by step we came closer and closer until the moment we became good friends. When you are in a di?erent country, alone, every feeling is bigger, you are exposed to many stimulus that can fill your heart with very small things.

When I was feeling very good there, my time to move arrived. I had a new project in ATKP Makassar. I felt very sad because I was leaving amazing people that were not students or workers from PKTJ, they were my friends, my family, but at the same time I was happy because I was sure I would find again lovely people to share with. And finally I arrived to Makassar, a beautiful place with great people. I could feel the di?erences between people from Java and Sulawesi, but they were Indonesian people what means they are lovely.

Students and lectures were very interested in me and my classes where I used to enjoy a lot with them. Many questions again about everything, many di?erent games, many hours full of English where I saw they were doing a big e?ort to speak just to speak with me, even if they couldn’t speak a few words. Also the city was amazing, I visited many places but I was really impressed with Rammang Rammang, what a beautiful place! I also wore a cadet uniform, I was so excited for it.

But what it’s true, in both places, the best part of my project were the students and workers, all of them made a huge e?ort to speak with me and I saw how they were improving their English everyday, at the same time I tried to improve my Bahasa Indonesian. Some of them now are dreaming to come to Spain, hopefully I’ll see them soon here.

Indonesian people stole my heart, I will miss their eternal smile, their way to show you how important you are, the way they share everything with you… In developed countries we are rich of material things but sometimes very poor in love and important values.

I want to say thank you to everyone who shared something with me in that time, you made me want to be a better person and now I can appreciate small things that before I couldn’t see. During 2 months you gave me a daily smile that now I don’t want it to disappear of my face. Also you made me feel inner peace and it’s the best that someone can give you. Special thank you for my special friends (they know who they are…), for ever in my heart.

Indonesia, my second home, that unknown country that now I know and I want to keep discovering. With love, I will come back soon…