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Vietnam Makes Me Fallin’ In Love

Vietnam Makes Me Fallin’ In Love

Vietnam, Makes Me Fallin’ In Love


Hello, my name is Nindya Novita Suryaningsih. I am a student of French Education from Universitas Negeri Semarang. I have teaching experience in Chua La Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam since September 4th until October 26th, 2018. I taught French every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That’s why my project is teaching French.

I went to Vietnam from Indonesia on September 4th by plane, I was the one and only from Indonesia. It was my first time going aboard. I was so scared but I believed, “I can do it” I said to myself. My mother, my grand mother, my father and driver took me by car to Soekarno-Hatta (Soetta) International Airport. We had to separate with them when I was in Imigration Office of Soetta Airport. Of course, I was crying, I was so sad! But I ought to go there to do my project. And I always pray, I asked Him to give me strength everywhere and everytime.

The plane brought me at 1 p.m and it would take 3 hours trip. And I arrived in Tan Son Nhat International Airport at 4 p.m. And I waited to get the stamp from Imigration office of the airport and took my suitcase. And I have just met the staff of VPV (the organitation from Vietnam who collaborate with Dejavato Foundation Indonesia). Dejavato has given me the way to meet the staff VPV. Finally, I met him at 6.30 p.m and there were volunteers from Japan. Their name are Kana and Maruko. So, we went to home by car. He booked the grab car. And we checked in to the house together.

My first morning in Ho Chi Minh, all new volunteers were trained by all staff of VPV HCMC. We got each instructor. And my instructor is Khai. He explained me about my project, he said that I have to get the bus of number 55, it will take 40 minutes to go there.

All volunteer and staffs went to City Tour  at 13.00 p.m by bus. We walked around in Districk 1. They explained about the history of Saigon and the famoust places. And we went home at 5 p.m.

 Second day, all volunteers started the project and me. I and Khai went to Leaf Pagoda where I taught French. And we discussed my project. So, the manager gave me schedule for English class first because there was not French class yet. But I would get my French class on Monday. All of my students are older than me. They work, study at all day. So, they just could join the class at night. They were so nice, actived, and made me always happy when I met them in the class. I learned from them because they had big motivation to learn French. Until now, I still contact with my students.

I had vacation in War Museum, Cu Chi Tunnels, Mekong River, Da Lat City was my last vacation. Beside, I went to Cambodia to got the stamp on my passport to get 30 days free for stay on one month again. IT WAS PERFECT VACATION FOR ME!

Over all, I realy like this city, the places, culture, my friends there and these moments when I was there. Because of Vietnam, I realy love my majors. In Vietnam actually Ho Chi Minh, for me it is likes Le Petit Paris, and Da Lat is likes Le Petit Europe. It is the reason for me to look for experiences in Europe. I hope my dream will come true. I met someone from French, he helped me to prove my French, and he sent me some French songs, he invited me to dinner together with others in some halal restaurants, and he ever invited me to dinner at French restaurant. He is kind person.

When I stayed in VPV’s house, its staffs taught me about Vietnamese, such as the culture, the people, the history, of course they invited me to tried Vietnamese foods, and learned a little about its language. I met driver bus who friendly to me, and taught me about Vietnam language. He is so funny. Yeah, they made my life be colourful!

I hope, I can back to this city for work, be a volunteer or even to vacation. Actually, now I want to around the world. Yeahh, of course Dejavato makes me addict to look for some experiences aboard. THANK YOU SO MUCH, DEJAVATO FOUNDATION!