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Volunteering in BPPTD Bali

Volunteering in BPPTD Bali

I have to be honest that I didn’t read the project very clear.

So I was surprised when I arrived the school , I didn’t know it’s a transportation academy and the school system is like a military. Everything was out of my expectation, but not just because that.

First week I came here was their exam week and the second week was their holiday, so they didn’t need to go to school. I didn’t have any class with the students those 2 weeks. But I didn’t want to be here and do nothing, so I tried my best and seized every chance to interact with them, like their break and free time.

Although I was unlucky but I still feel I was lucky. Because that ,I got more chance

to travel many places in Bali and be able to go outside with the students. It made us to more closer and I really had a great time with them.

I got a lot of apology because the students think their English is not good enough.

Beside, many students dare not to talk to me because they are not confident about their English. That’s exactly what I’m used to be. I suddenly realize that people tend to limit themselves.

As I mentioned earlier, everything was unexpected. I learned a lot of things , maybe just from a small thing or from our small conversation. For example: I realized that” people tend to make comparison with others” when they tell me that they are jealous of me for living in a rich country. But I used to jealous others countries which is more rich. So we should cherish what we have.

It’s such a honor to do volunteering in BPPTD (school). It’s a meaning and amazing trip for me , I knew and I chose to used a abnormal way to visit Indonesia.

it’s a unique and special experience that no one else can have. And I’m grateful for everything I’ve been though and everything I have.