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Young Social Innovators – Engines of Social Change

Young Social Innovators – Engines of Social Change

TITLE: Young Social Innovators – Engines of Social Change

PROGRAM: Erasmus +

ACTION TYPE: Capacity Building

PERIOD: 01st December 2018 till 31st May 2020

VENUE: Czech Republic, Croatia, Indonesia, Kenya, Peru, Poland, Tanzania and Thailand


·         Europe House Slavonski Brod, Croatia

·         Change It, Czech Republic

·         Dejavato Foundation, Indonesia

·         ITF, Kenya

·         Brigada de Voluntarios Bolivarianos del Peru, Peru

·         MERITUM, Poland

·         Volunteer Spirit Association, Thailand

·         TYCEN, Tanzania

The project consists of a several international and parallel local activities of eight partner organizations within a period of 18 months. Central activities are research, two transnational capacity building seminars for youth workers in Tanzania and Croatia; 8 multiplication seminars in participating countries, 8 job shadowing activities and two youth led practical projects.


Project aims on one hand to conduct a comparative analysis of Youth Issues, Attitudes and Policies in relation with the social innovation processes from the perspective of various world regions, and on the other hand to promote the recognition of Youth Work by building youth workers’ and youth leaders’ capacity to empower young people for using social innovation in finding local answers to complex social and societal challenges in participating communities.

Beside the direct participants and Youth Workers, with these activities we want to reach out to wider audience and to inform youth about the concept, methods, and values of youth participation, social entrepreneurship in the youth sector, as well as provide youth with real life examples of young social innovators in action.