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Young Social Innovators Seminar in Tanzania

Young Social Innovators Seminar in Tanzania

ANGALIA, SOMA, SILIKIZA were three words that I learnt from an art exhibition in Dar es Salam that I visited a few hours before my flight back to Indonesia. It means look, read, and listen. Before my departure, I have no idea what would I face when I arrive in Tanzania. I went there with assumptions that most of us have, it will be dessert with no water, dangerous diseases everywhere and lions that ready to eat you.

Well, my dear, none of them happened. Tanzania is such a beautiful tropical country which is just across the Indian Ocean from us. I did not really see the differences between Semarang and Dar es Salam (the capital city of Tanzania) in terms of weather, facilities and the people. Yeah it was hot, so is Semarang. We came back alive with no serious disease. There was plenty of water in the hotel and public toilet, although sometimes there was black out. Moreover, the people were very kind, humble and fun. They made sure that we were enjoying our stay there. They were also very helpful when we lost our luggageL. I cannot thank them enough, especially Chris and Anna, for helping us to get back our luggages.

Our main purpose coming to Tanzania was to attend a Youth Social Innovators – Engines of Social Change Seminar. This seminar was such an eye opener for me to the problems around the world and how we –as youth can help to give solution. The seminar was filled with not only discussions but also many interesting activities, such as making podcast and the unique one, theater. Wow, never in million years I ever thought that a play can solve problems. Yes, we performed a story in a group of 5 to 6 persons. The story should not have a resolution yet, after we finished the performance, the audiences can replace the oppressed character to find another way to resolve his/her problem. It was very impressive <3.

The seminar was lasted from 9.30 till 17.00 o’clock. After that, we were free to do anything else. We went to the mall, cafe, shops (to buy clothes mainly because my clothes were all in my lost luggageL), gallery, and my most favorito free time activity: going to the send off party. Send off party is a party to send the soon-to-be-bride off to her soon-to-be-groom. It is quite the opposite with our culture, we send the bride after the wedding, they send the bride first and then after that they get married. The party was filled mainly with dances, whoa! Every one danced all the time ha-ha. I realized that people here are very good in dancing. They also invited professional dancers to entertain the guest, they were very good!

We also went to safari in Mikumi National Park. It took us six hours to arrive there from our hotel. It was such a tiring journey with no lions available. However, we still could see other big mammals there e.g. Zebras, Giraffes, Hippos, Elephants, Buffalos etc. I need to underline this, they are all wild. We went around the national park using Jeep that the roof can be opened, so we can see the animal better. The interesting view came after the safari, we stopped by in a souvenir shops and near there, there were children dancing and singing happily. Aww, such a beautiful scenery, it was our only chance to interact closely with children and local people from another tribe there since we only stayed in the city most of the time.

Angalia, soma, silikiza. Look, read, and listen. The order places “Look” in the first place. I was very fortunate to have a chance to look and see directly how the other side of the world works. I happened to look and proof the assumptions which majorities of us have for African countries are not completely true. I hope, whoever you are, can have the chance too to look at this beauty, but if you are not please read, read and read. Keep reading not only from one single source, but many of them. So, in the end, you will not be trapped in false assumptions. Last but not least, try to listen to as many stories as possible, because, there will never be a single story about anything. There is always another point of viewJ.