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Frequently Asked Questions

You would find most of the answer for your questions in this page. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact us :  


Q: What programs that DEJAVATO has?

A: International workcamp, weekend workcamp, Mid and Long Term Volunteer, student exchange, Dejavato cares, Internship, and Indonesia immersion.


Q: How to become DEJAVATO member?

A: For Indonesians, you can directly apply to Dejavato via email or visit our office in working days (Monday – Friday). The application form can be downloaded from our website. You pay Rp 150.000 for one life time membership.


Q: What are the advantages of being Dejavato member?

A: You will have priority to join our programs. If you are located in Semarang, you will have more chances to join local activities such as join Dejavato workshops, give training to foreign volunteers, to be an Indonesian teacher for foreign volunteers and leading international workcamps. It depends how you activate yourself in Dejavato program.


Q: How long is the duration for Dejavato program?

A: Short-term projects (2 weeks)

Student Exchange ( 10 – 15 days)

Indonesia Immersion (1 – 2 weeks)

MTV/STePs (4 – 12 weeks)

LTV ( 5 – 6 months)


Q: What are the types of volunteering work?

A: Construction, renovation, environment, conservation, culture, social, health, education, agriculture, elderly people, orphanage, disabled, etc.


Q: Who can participate in Dejavato programs?

A: We are open to anyone who is interested in joining our programs. Some programs need requirements such as background and minimum age of 18 years old. Some other programs such as Weekend Workcamp and Student exchange have minimum age of 12 years old.


Q: How to apply Dejavato program?

A: For Indonesians. You can directly apply program to Dejavato. Find a program which is suitable for you then download and fill in the application form. The participation fee later is paid upon our bank account. In 3-5 working days you will get confirmation accepted or rejected, for this the participation fee we will give you in return. 

For foreigners. You cannot apply directly to Dejavato as we are hosting organization thus you should find a sending organization in your origin country or country where you are living now. Find a program which is suitable for you then contact your sending organization to apply. You have to follow all the procedures directed by sending organization. Your sending organization will facilitate your communication with Dejavato (hosting organization).  You will get confirmation from your sending organization, after they get confirmation from Dejavato.


Q: What are the requirements to join Dejavato programs?

A: Typically there are no special requirements for each program unless otherwise stated. The vast majority of our volunteers are committed to working for the common goals of the project. If you are only interested in tourism or a cheap vacation, please do not apply for our project.


Q: Is volunteer free to choose project?

A: YES. You can mention 3 project preferences. Dejavato will communicate further with partner organization to check their availability.


Q: Can volunteer set up the project dates?

A: For Workcamp project, the dates are already set up so you can choose the project that is more suitable with your availability. 

For MTV/ STePs, you are free to set up your project dates, you are free to decide when and how long you want to volunteer then Dejavato will communicate further with partner organization to check their availability.

For LTV, the project dates are also set up for Winter program and Summer program, you can choose to join one of the program.


Q: What kind of accommodation in the project?

A: For Indonesians. Volunteers will stay in volunteer house/apartment, boarding or hostfamily. It depends on each hosting organization.


For Foreigners. Volunteers will stay mostly in a Indonesian host family or boarding school/projects. It depends on the availability of the project.


Q: Can I do volunteering with a friend in the same project?

A: For Indonesians doing volunteering overseas, such as workcamp and Mid Term program, it is possible. You can propose to be in the same project/ the same town with your friends then Dejavato will communicate further with partner organization to check their availability. Some hosting organizations are able to receive 5 – 10 people in the same projects/ town. However, for accommodation, it depends on the hosting organization. If they have volunteer house, you can stay together with your friends otherwise some of you will be separated in different hostfamily.

For foreigners volunteering in Indonesia, mostly the projects cannot host more than 1 volunteer at the same time. There are only 2 – 3 project which are able to host max 2 volunteers at the same time. The accommodation will be in boarding house if you want to stay together, otherwise, you can be separated in different hostfamily


Q: Is Dejavato program fully funded?

A: Dejavato has individual regular program for MLTV Project that volunteers need to cover their program fee (for food, accommodation and local transportation), visa and flight ticket to the country destination. The advantage is volunteer free to choose project/country and set up your own project date. Dejavato will facilitate to fulfill your wish of volunteering.

For Workcamp project overseas especially in European countries, there are plenty of projects that are basically free as you have only to pay the sending fee to Dejavato Rp 900.000 – Rp 3.000.000 for 2 weeks project and additional fee up to 50 Euro in the hosting organization but you have to cover your visa and flight ticket.

Dejavato has also some scholarship volunteering programs such as Weltwaerts from German government, European Voluntary Service (EVS) from European Commission and Service Civique from French Government. The program will cover partly of your volunteering expenses such as support of flight ticket/ pocket money/ program fee (depends).


Q: How can I apply the scholarship program?

A: Dejavato will open the recruitment if we have partnership with European organization. The announcement will be open in our social media.


Q: Is there scholarship volunteering program open every year?

A: It depends on our partnership with European organization every year. Sometimes there 5 places available, sometimes only 2, sometimes none. 


Q: Can I travel during the volunteering period?

A: Volunteers will work normally from Monday to Friday and have weekend off. Some projects also have other holidays so you can use your free time to travel the country. 

For Indonesians, If your project is in one of Schengen European country, you are free to travel to 27 Schengen country with many affordable transportation options. For example, you can travel from Paris to Berlin with only Rp 300.000 by bus.

(Schengen area countries. Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland)


Q: Any insurance?

A: Dejavato does not cover any insurance for volunteers. The volunteers should have their own insurance. Dejavato does will not responsible for the health problem, death and repatriation costs of the volunteers.


Q: What language is used in the project?

A: Local languages are commonly used as not many people understand English. Most of the project do not require volunteer to be able to speak their languages as they are open that volunteering is a learning experience so you can learn the local language during the program. Some projects in Belgium and Japan require volunteer to be able to speak basic local language.

Should I be excellent in English? Is there any English certificate required?

There is no English certificate required. If your project will be assisting English teachers, then you are required to be able to speak English good enough. There could be an interview from the hosting organization to get to know you better.


Q: Can I work and earn money through Dejavato programs?

A: NO! As it is against immigration law. You visa will only be valid for volunteering activities.