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PROJECT NAME Japanese Language & Culture
PERIODE 01-Apr-2015 to 01-Apr-2016
TYPE Edu/Cult


Background : Japanese language and culture has entered Indonesian education curriculum in the recent years. Japanese language and culture start being introduced for High School students. In this level, they learn basic Japanese language such as greeting, vocabulary and constructing simple sentences. Besides that, they also learn about its culture. Sometime, the school makes Japanese culture festival in the end of the year. In university level, it has become major of studies. Student, who is under language department, is also given option to learn Japanese language and culture as their minor studies. This language is getting famous and wide spread taught over Indonesian school. Many Japanese investors invest their share in Indonesia. Japanese companies are easily found in here. For graduate students either senior high school or university, it will be an additional value for holding Japanese language certificate. Japanese Language and Culture is combination among some high schools and universities in Central Java Provinces. In high school level, Japanese language is given one time in a week for 2 hours. In university which has Japanese language and culture major, the students learn deeper the language, such as grammatical, pronunciation, vocabulary, history, art, Japanese letter etc.
Work: The role of the volunteer will be assisting local teacher in holding Japanese subject as foreign language. Moreover, the presence of volunteers could give them motivation in practicing their foreign laguage knowledge. Intercultural learning in the form of dialogue, music and games could give the student better understanding to learn about another culture from other country.
Study theme: The volunteers will be introduced to the Indonesian culture and customs in general, with a special focus on the local particularities. Some cultural visits are also foreseen.
Leisure Time: During free time, the volunteers will have the chance to visit and explore culture and tourism spot near the project.
Accommodation: The accommodation and food is provided by a local host family. The volunteer will share his/her room and the other facilities with other host family members. Facilities are simple and Indonesian style (no hot water, no washing machine).
Location: Central and West Java.
Terminal: Semarang airport, railway station.
Special Requirement: none
Participant fee: To be clarified (International or national volunteers).