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PROJECT NAME Owl Conservation
PERIODE 01-Apr-2015 to 01-Apr-2016
TYPE Animal/Edu


Background : The project site will take place at Tlogoweru Village which is located in Demak Regency in Central Java. The village concern on owl (tyto alba) conservation as they see the importance and benefit of protecting owls for the village. The village is surrounded by rice and corn fields as the local villagers are mostly farmers. In the past the villagers always failed in harvesting the crops because damaged by the rats and other insects. They were thinking how to overcome the problem by finding environmental solution. They finally found environmental method by using the owls to protect the crops. They breed the owls and built many owl’s houses (nests) on the fields surround the village. The village becoming national models which implements environmental solution for the crops and used to get visit from many formal or informal institution who would like to study visit about the system of owl’s protection. They used to get visit as well from international institution which concern on environment.
Work: The volunteer will help the local owl’s protection committee in taking cares the owls as well as working together with the local farmers. The village has schools and they need international volunteer for learning basic English and sharing new culture and knowledge to the local children. Another task of the volunteer is teaching the owl’s protection committee learning basic English for conversation because they want to practice more as they used to have foreign guests who learn owl’s protection.
Study theme: The volunteers will be introduced to the Indonesian culture and customs in general, with a special focus on the local particularities. Some cultural visits are also foreseen.
Leisure Time: During free time, the volunteers will have the chance to visit and explore culture and tourism spot near the project site.
Accommodation: The accommodation and food is provided by a local host family. The volunteer will share his/her room and the other facilities with other host family members. Facilities are simple and Indonesian style (no hot water, no internet, and no washing machine).
Location: Central Java.
Terminal: Semarang airport, railway station.
Special Requirement: Love animal, open minded, flexible with daily activities, accept the local culture & customs; maximum duration 58 days (less than 2 months).
Participant fee: To be clarified (International or national volunteers).