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Japanese Teaching Assistance Experience at SMK Cokroaminoto Banjarnegara - Mami Shiga

Japanese Teaching Assistance Experience at SMK Cokroaminoto Banjarnegara - Mami Shiga

SMK Cokroaminoto 2: February 16th-March 10th ,2020

Mami Shiga


Before I came here, in Japan, I thought that I can talk with people in Indonesia using English. However, it’s not true. I thought that English is most important if communicate with foreign people, but it was different. During my stay in Indonesia, I thought that it’s important to try to speak Indonesian language, even if I can’t speak. Just try.


In first week that I came to Banjarnagara, I had some difficulty.

The biggest difficulty is difference of language. I can speak only Japanese and English, so I don't know what to do to communicate with people here.

I wanted to go back to Japan.

However, one day I tried to talk together with a few words which I know.

Then, they understood what I tried to say and I could communicate with them even if it was not perfect.

After that, I could enjoy conversation with people here, and little by little, the life in Banjarnegara became fun.


Students in SMK Cokroaminoto 2 are so energetic.

They are so interested in Japanese volunteer, and they asked many questions about Japan.

They always say to me “Konnichiwa!”, “Arigatou!”, “Ajinomoto!”


In the class, I taught origami, “Dengon Game” and “Bouzu Mekuri”. We made heart together in origami class. It’s easy for me to teach because I could teach with only gesture and easy words.

And also, it’s easy for students to understand, so the class was done smoothly.

However, the other classes, especially “Bouzu Mekuri”, which is a traditional card game in Japan is difficult for me to explain the rules. Japanese teacher helped me explain the rules, and we practiced, it became better for both of us.

Many students, especially students in Japanese club were interested in cards of “Bouzu Mekuri”.

I think it was good opportunity to introduce old culture in Japan.

I brought some picture, but reaction by students was better in these three contents. I think it is difficult to give a class which everyone can join and enjoy.


In this program, I could know many backgrounds of students who want to study Japanese.

Before I came here, I thought most people who want to know about Japan are interested in only anime or comic.

However, in the fact, each student has different reasons for studying Japanese

For example, “I want to work in Japan.”, “I like Japanese comics.”, “Japan is beautiful because of seasons, so I like Japan.”, “Japanese technology is great, so I’m interested inJapan.”...

It was good opportunity to know backgrounds of students who are interested in Japan.

At the same time, I thought I want to help them learn Japanese, and even if this program is finished, I want to keep in touch with them.

Not only teaching Japanese, I learn Indonesian language so, studying together.

besides the class, I had opportunity to interact with students in many situations.

They are so cute and kind. They taught me many Indonesian words and cultures. We talked each other with simple words.

I made great friends in Indonesia.

It is most important memory for me to talk with them.


The most impressive thing during my stay in Banjarnegara is warm hearts of people here.

They were always smile.

I was a stranger from Japan, but they came in contact with me as if I was a member of their family.

Many people in Banjarnegara said to me, Tidur disini!”(sleep here!)


Finally, I had a great time in Banjarnegara.

At first, I had some difficulties, but I could overcome and enjoyed life here.

I like Banjarnegara very much, so I will definitely come back here.